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Current Project Statuses


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Feb 25, 2005
Reno, NV
- Tandy 1000A - still planning to add a V20 and an 8087 to this one sometime in the not too distant futuure, heard about the 8080 compatible mode.....dual boot DOS/CP/M anyone?

- GEM Computer Products 286 - I need to put the SVGA card back in (was trying it out on the Compaq). Right now I'm on the fence on selling this one since the Deskpro comes close to it when running in "386 SX-20" mode (no driver loaded). Tempted to pre-emptively replace the Varta which has already corroded but somehow not affected the motherboard and still is somehow holding enough of a charge to keep its settings.

- Compaq Deskpro 386s/20 "Blue Lightning" BLX4 system is done and running, tried a bigger HDD in it (80GB) did not get along well, so I went back to the original 244MB Connor. Otherwise, pretty much done and happy as can be.

- Creeping Net 486 DX4-100 - Needs nothing.......I think this one is done for now, there's just nothing it needs. I just fire it up and off I go.

- Moondog 486 - Thinking about moving to MS-DOS 7 from FreeDOS because "no Ultima 7". Could end up on the auction block though because do I really need 2 486 desktop systems?


- NEC Versa 40EC - Just waiting for that PCMCIA SoundCard to get done, at least the PCB Layout, so that I can put one in this, also thinking about digging up a dedicated LMC-352 Aironet card for it

- NEC Versa V/50 - PCMCIA Sound Card, already has it's own Aironet card. still need to replace the bodge wire with a proper 6.3a fuse in the power section

- NEC Versa M/75 - PCMCIA SoundCard, looking for Digitizer for it still, figured out it's a 10.4" 3M MicroTouch Cleartek 1 5-wire and the model number is indeed 63-4631-00-01. Got some plastic repairs left but otherwise it's been running and great. I've been using this one a lot again.

- NEC Versa P/75 - Screen got cracked on accident.....so I'm either replacing that, but I'm thinking about buying another panel from e-bay, and then putting that panel on the M/75 if it's 640x480, and the 800x600 on the M/75 on the P/75 since this is my Windows 95 machine.

- DFI MediaBook FMAK9200M - I want to upgrade this one to a color screen at some point. A guy on YouTube said he had the parts for it (he had a color Active Matrix version) but I never got a response back on those parts. A bit tempted to look for a broken 9200C or 9200D to cannibalize.

- BSi NoteBook FMA3500C - The plan for this one is a bigger, possibly solid state, hard disk, and then put one of those Serdashop Serial WiFi modems and a LPT Port sound Device on it (since it can go on the side, since no PCMCIA. Also needs a new 12v NiCAD Battery (or I could put an NiMH one in there). Also there's the Varta replacement on this one.

Other Stuff

Tried replacing the power supply on the VersaDock, the replacement from e-bay was burned up too, and in even worse shape. I'm thinking about just tossing that docking station since I don't really need it anymore. The last 40EC parts maachine I bought had a xj10bt PCMCIA Xjack ethernet card on it and that's been working great for moving files to the old laptops.