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Do you have audience while you work?


Oct 21, 2007
Do you have audience while you work? I know I sure do, four of my 12 cats are watching me unpack a new pot ;-)

OOOOHHHHH!! Nice picture. The eyes on that black one are scaring me a bit though... :) Just superstition I guess. How did you get them to pose so nicely?
I love the black cat! All of the cats I've ever had since I was a kid have been black. But TWELVE?! My Gosh!

Until he was hit by a car right before Christmas,I had a puppy who would sit right beside me and watch every move I made whether I was working on electronics or mechanics. If you'd seen it, he was almost like... "Watchya doin' Pop?"

I have a house full of cats too, some being lap cats (typing with one in my lap now). Yes they do like to watch me work on things, some love watching my CRTs (mostly the mouse cursor) for long periods.

It is kind of odd waking up to a bunch of cats on my entertainment center and on the bed watching me (this is after they have been fed by others in the house so its not like they want me to feed them). So I just make sure they are out before I go to bed and shut the door.
Although I had 15 cats, at one time, and 12 doesn't seem unusual to me at all, I'm down to 4 and their only interest in computers seems to be sleeping on top of the piles of them.

When I'm actually working on systems, especially test jigs, for their safety, they are on the other side of the doors to my work areas.


Currently I've only two, but there's one in particular who's mission in life seems to be finding an open box to urinate in. If there's something in it, say circuit boards, oh well...
The only audience I get once and a while are end users watching me fix their problems. I'm not sure when they have that free time, I guess between walking around and trying to figure out what policies they can break or what they can delete they'll swing by and watch me work.

It's ok though, don't feed em and they tend to leave you alone after a while.
I don't mind cats watching me, but people watching me work piss me off. It probably has something to do with cats not being able to talk and tell me how to do the job.
I know I had an audience while I work - generally their nosy people and hide behind the bushes and pretend to be driving around when their actually spying on us!

We generally have a lot of time consuming work to do and to be bugged by these people only makes the job worse - they even expect us to do jobs which we don't even do - like fixing the power to their home and fixing footpaths which are broken or are simply out of alignment! Yawn!

The nerve of some people is they even spend time driving around & finding stuff their not happy with and producing a book of all the things which need fixing!

If it's not those people it's the people walking by - some of them are good people, though there's others which treat you like a piece of garbadge and they acknowledge this my allowing their dogs to crap everywhere and expect us to clean it up! Fortunately I haven't had to fix this - though someone has to.

It'll be mighty interesting to see what happens after we've gone!
I'm kinda the opposite. I like doing stuff in front of people, explaining everything, teaching them, bullsh!tting with 'em, whatever...


I like talking to people and explaining how things work etc, but when I have actual work to do I don't like being interupted every 5 minutes or doing something to keep the people staring at me amused.

To be honest I like a messy desk, to wear shorts or sweatpants and a tshirt, and rock cranking on the stereo when I work.
Personally, I'd rather have the cats watching.

I don't have time to teach people what I know and they don't. That's what schools are for. I'm also not particularly fond of stupid questions.

Cats, on the other hand, know exactly what you are doing, imply that you're doing it badly, could do it better themselves but don't because a) they don't have opposable thumbs and, b) they don't give a s**t.


Personally, I can't stand an audience. If I'm working somewhere where I'm in a cube, I always have to rearrange the interior so that my back & monitors are facing inwards. It also allows me to glare, and throw things at people trying to stand outside my cube & chatter.

I've found that when people see what I'm doing they get encouraged to ask questions, especially when it doesn't concern them, or when they're bored, and then I get so caught up in f**king with them that I lose track of what I was originally trying to do.

At home, regardless of how I might feel about it, the cats will either watch or not, on their own terms.