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End of Life Notice for some EL Displays


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Mar 14, 2009
North of Dallas, TX
Several years ago, I bought a Gridcase with a EL bad display. I found a company in Florida called Capetronics that sells EL displays. Colin at Capetronics was able to locate a compatible display. It wasn't an exact match, but it was close enough.
Today, I got an email that the overseas supplier was setting their displays to end of life. Maybe there are people that read other forums that get get the word out that if they need a display, they'd better order it now.
Here is the text from the email:

This message is to inform you about the re-alignment of Beneq (the manufacturer) focus in the Rugged EL display family. It is Beneq’s policy to continue manufacturing all EL display types as long as it is technically and economically feasible. Unfortunately, due to low volume and increased production costs and, in some case Controller IC availability the manufacturer is forced to announce EOL (End of Life) for some of their EL products. The display series which are affected by the end-of-life decision has been in production for over 25 years. This production lifetime is very long compared to any other display manufacturer.

In order to secure profitability and to keep up good service to customers, Beneq has reviewed their EL product portfolio and come to following conclusions:

1. We will discontinue LUMINEQ monochrome VGA TFEL products that are assembled in Finland.

2. EL640.480-AF, EL640.480-AG, EL640.480-AM display series will be discontinued.

3. The manufacturer will also discontinue production of the EL640.400-C3, EL640.400-CD3, EL512.256-H3 displays.
There are limited quantities available for these displays and orders will be accepted on a first come first serve basis as long as the remaining stock is available. I urge you to check your stock and place orders as soon as possible. Email would be the best way to make enquiries and place orders due to the sheer volume of our customers over the last 21 years.

Kind Regards,

Colin Campbell.
Capetronics Inc
1250 Rogers Street Suite C
Clearwater, FL 33756
(800) 480-8204 Toll Free
(727) 461-1080 Landline
(727) 461 1808 Fax



Colin at Capetronics was great to work with and he got a new display for my Grid. If you need a new EL display, I recommend him.


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Feb 23, 2011
Salisbury Maryland
Think they had several display options on the Gridcase, a LCD that sucks, a Red Plasma Display and my favorite the tempested Yellow Plasma display. Know from experience that the Red Plasma produced tons of radio interference but the yellow Tempested display and system were capable of operating with HF radios and produced no detectable radio noise in their operation.
What color display is the EL?
Think as time goes on the lack of replacement parts will become more and more of an issue for everything. The use of LSI devices has always pointed to that. But then again things like eBay will help in a lot more stuff being available then at any point in the past.


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Apr 29, 2018
stupid question but would these drop in a gridcase with a red plasma? I have one with several lines out and didn't even know these displays were still available


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Jan 11, 2007
Pacific Northwest, USA
I'll agree about the Gridcase LCD poor quality. I finally dumped mine after dealing with eyestrain too long. Made a nice nightlight, however.