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Getting ready for #SEPTandy on my Channel Early


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Feb 25, 2005
Reno, NV
- Just finished LPing Leisure Suit Larry on the Tandy 1000A
- Planning a few upgrades
- Messy startup with Space Quest

And of course, tonight I put the Tandy on the internet with DOSLynx using mTCP. Crazy to think through FrogFind you can still surf the internet on a nearly 40 year old 8088 PC in 2022. Already roaming around TV Dog's Tandy 1000 Archive ATM....with about 156592 Bytes of RAM left of 640K (hilarious). Slow as Molasses in January but what do you expect, it's a 4.77MHz 8088. Does not even have an 8087 (yet).

Have some plans to try out MicroWeb (new DOS Browser for 8088s) at some point, as well as upgrade mTCP Suite tonight (really needs done, still running the old version I put on the Tandy 5 years ago, but it's been doing fine)....probably HTGET time after this.