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Greetings from Western Australia

Tony Epton

New Member
Jun 20, 2003
Western Australia
I'll have to keep my intro short (I should be working on a Doctors payroll system today - not enjoying myself on a forum!)

I started collecting computers back in 97.
I was at a swapmeet in Belmont and spied a calculator for $5.
(CASIO AL 1000)
It was quite beautiful - all discrete components and Nixie tubes.
I suddenly realised that here was an area where people were discarding previously valuable technology and treating it as worthless junk.
Suddenly I was fired up by the idea and started scanning the saturday papers, auctions and scrap metal yards.
My first DecWriter I paid $150 dollars for (they must have seen me coming) - but nowadays we are knocking them back.
Over the next 4 years I probably spent $10,000 buying anything that came up.
We couldn't use the living room, then the upstairs bedroom and then the house next door - they were all crammed with cabinets.
We also started up the West Australian branch of the Australian Computer Museum Society - I am currently the curator. Lex Cunningham is the president.
Since then we have moved to Mundaring (5 acre block)
The move took 7 sea containers to store everything while a 200 sq metre barn was built.
Probably 40% of the stuff in the barn belongs to me personally and 60% belongs to the ACMS WA.
We have the beginnings of a web site at


(very slow 56Kbps link from my home office)

The inventory is database driven. We have about 6000 items to catalog - so far I have managed to do about 160 (lots of photos of these though!)
I keep wishing that I could win Lotto - so I could do this full time - earning a living seems to be a very annoying inconvenience !

Saw the posting on afc this morning - so came here and registered.

Personal interests ? - totally unrealistic dreams - such as rebuilding a PDP6 using discrete components or building a relay machine or even getting the VAX 11/785 working again.



Site Administrator
Staff member
Apr 27, 2003
San Jose, CA


Welcome to the VC Forum!

It sounds like you've been bitten by the bug but good! Yours might well be the single largest collection I am aware of although I think Sellam's (of VCF fame) might still be bigger. . . it's hard to tell when the numbers get that big.

I'm glad that there are folks preserving large lots of machines for future study, etc.

Enjoy the forums!