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Hello everyone from Madrid


New Member
Mar 30, 2008
Madrid, Spain
Hello, my nick is Anaxagoras and I saw this site for first time 2 years ago.

I have a little collection of vintage computers, my prefered machine is a Sinclair ZX Spectrum (here know as Timex) near followed by the PC-XT.

I still have my first PC, an IBM PC-XT clone, and my first computer an Inves Spectrum+. Recently I buyed the first computer that I used, a Dragon 64.

I have interest in vintage computing because with these machines I spent my golden years and by the other hand I think that the computers (and more related tech machines) have more lifetime than the marked of market.

As you can see, my point of view of retrocomputing is not only a hobby, is a lifestyle. ;)

I have the conviction that I learn much with you.


Experienced Member
May 14, 2008
Ohio, USA
Welcome Anaxagoras!

From what you said in your post, you've come to the right place to enjoy your retrocomputing 'lifestyle'

Glad to have you with us :)