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Hello from the DigiBarn


New Member
May 8, 2003
Santa Cruz CA
This is Bruce Damer, curator of the DigiBarn Computer Museum which is located here in the Santa Cruz Mountains near Silicon Valley in Northern California. This crazy project has been going for a couple of years and we currently have thousands of artifacts from your normal collection of PCs from Altairs on up to a complete working network of Xerox workstations. We also have somehow accumuated Cray 1A and Q2 Supercomputers and odd artifacts like ancient pieces of macintosh prototypes (from 1979-81). The goal here is to get the systems working and to have folks tell their stories for the web site. The stories and web are paramount to us. We have open houses during the summer and if you would like to come and are in the area, please join our list.

The whole nutty thing is described at:
(lots of movies there now to view)

Thanks Erik for starting this great facility!


Site Administrator
Staff member
Apr 27, 2003
San Jose, CA
Hello Bruce!

Welcome to the VC Forum!

Thank you for all of the plugs at the DigiBarn site!

My family and I are looking forward to the next open house (open barn?) to come visit your collection again!

I'm glad your finding the message boards useful!