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Help Vectrex with sound but no display.

From a very quick look that doesn't seem a bad find actually...

I don't have a Facebook account, can you make out the part number from the front photograph?

I found this add on facebook market place that wouldnt be to far of a drive. oscilloscope

There are two different scopes in that picture. A GDS-830 and a GOS-6112, which one is for sale ?

the GOS-6112 doesn't look like it has a storage facility and the GDS is a digital scope with quite a low sampling rate for 100mhz but would be fine for vintage stuff I think

Just noticed, the GDS-830 is showing "DSP fail on DSPTX" which doesn't look good.
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I believe in his add he says 2 for sale.

Have two GW INSTEK Curser Readout Analog Oscilloscope 100MHz 2 channel scopes for sale. Similar units, just going unused here anymore. Clean and working, $100 each .

Pickup in Carnegie only, cash

Might not be a problem and just status indicator, but I would make sure everything is working if you went for that one