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Hi from the SW UK


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Dec 2, 2023
I'm Robin [male humanoid]. I initially only joined so I could download a PDF to help someone-else connect their monitor to a BBC Micro, then thought this looks like an interesting forum.

I can be found randomly between Bristol and London UK: I was born in Bath, live in Chippenham, have lots of friends in Swindon, help at Exhibitions in London & Bristol, and do a lot of voluntary stuff and networking in Bristol. I want to work in Bristol. The government have just offered me a Job in Swindon.

I started in electronics aged 4, in 1975, due to an uncle working at Everyday Electronics magazine. Got into computers around 1982 with a VIC20. Helped run the WAN-sized school LAN 1985-1988. Some involvement with the Acorn trademark; some correspondence with Sophie; networking with WAUG and ROUGOL, helped move the Southwest RISC OS Show to Bristol. Lots of Tech networking in Bristol. Chair of an unrelated Bristol organisation. Various freelance backend webdev stuff, then got back into FPGAs around 2021. 'Put a circuit simulator in my CV, in javascript. Working on an opensource FPGA optimised for AI, and related AI. Currently busy with a technological upgrade, making a semi-portable, and getting a powerful refurb PC (currently W10,) working with Ubuntu, to then run Xilinx Vivado on. Into post/non-processor asynchronous flow computing. Have days when nobody understands what I'm talking about. Recently been told about Graphcore, by BT.


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Jun 19, 2012
UK - Worcester
Welcome to VCFED Robin.

I am just North of you...

Yes, I find VCFED one of the more interesting and active forums of its type.