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IBM 5364 sells on eBay

A 5364 needs a PC, he was selling that separately. Hopefully whoever got the 5364 gets the PC with the interface card.
I hope there is something inside the box, esp the hard disks. I asked the guy to post more pictures, and he never did.
Yeah I saw that listing too. I know someone who put a somewhat substantial bid in for it and watched the price soar past near the end.
All either of us could gather was like Al said without a host interface it's only really good for spare parts so I guess someone REALLY needed to keep a system up? Not unheard of.
I see the high price has brought out others. one is not listed at buy now for $2,000.00. No driver card, no cable listed as in not working. The previously ones I know a friend of mine bought two of the 5364s for $400.00. I see the one listed and the previous one that sold for $2,025.00 are both out of California. I knew the prices of living there was higher.