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IBM/PC Compatible 8" Floppy Disk Drive (1/2 height in a IBM/PC 1.2meg format).


New Member
Aug 22, 2023
Good Afternoon All,

First time/first post. I have been looking for a working 8" floppy Disk Drive since May of 1993. this drive must be Compatible with any AT type PC Computer.
It uses the same cables as the 5.25" floppy does. it also uses the same format of 1.2 meg! I worked on some systems back in the day that uses these 8" drives, while there was downtime
for the client and my PMs on the systems sometimes I would use the system to write software in OCR Basic and or Pascal 5. I have about (10) 8" floppies of which I would love to copy these programs
over to a CD, HHD or a USB drive.

Thank you, twilso17
The 8" format was quite dated by the time 5170/AT type machines were on the market. The 5150 shipping with a 360K 5.25" Minifloppy and a mostly Shugart 34 pin interface made it entirely obsolete.
As jafir mentioned, there are adapters that let you connect older 8" floppy drives to "newer" Shugart-compatible floppy controllers and for the most part the controllers will handle them as single or double density disks, but there was never an 8" drive with the classic 4 pin Molex for power and a 34 pin interface connector.