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Other US Areas IBM System/360-40 operators console on eBay

Covers the non-continental US, including Alaska, Haiwaii, Puerto Rico and other territories.


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Apr 26, 2011
Brisbane, Australia
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Not mine and no connection to the seller. Located US. Looks like a later production panel in fair-to-middling shape with some rust but it would clean up ok. Seems to be missing the STORE button insert, the LOAD button insert, the lower display scroll knob, a whole bunch of black and white chrome-ended switch lever handles, along with the usual bunch of broken/missing bulbs, of which the bulb housings are specific to the Model 40 and I think Model 44 but other 360/370 bulbs will fit for appearance purposes just fine.
Thankfully what's missing from it does not intersect what's missing from mine (I am still looking for the solid red INTERRUPT button insert seen at the lowest right).