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I'm Ben


New Member
Feb 26, 2024
Greetings VCF,

I've recently started rebuilding my collection of vintage and nostalgia-inducing items, focusing on systems from the late 80s to the 90s. My journey began with an Amstrad CPC that I acquired from a family friend, who upgraded to an Atari ST (if I remember correctly, it's been quite a while). I've curated a diverse array of systems, ranging from Amstrad and Atari to Sinclair and Sony (including a compact MS-DOS device). Additionally, I've gathered various audio chips and MIDI adapters, adding a musical twist to these retro devices.

Looking forward to engaging and learning from fellow enthusiasts in the upcoming days, months, and years.

Best regards,
Welcome. My collection is similarly from Mid-80's to 1995. In my case it is focused on PC and Compatibles from a Tandy 1000 to Gateway 2000 486DX-2. I don't have any of the systems you mentioned but they are of interest to me.

Hello Ben. Welcome to the forums!
MS-DOS audio devices are popular.