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Intel MCS-85, SYM-1, and ELF II offered on eBay

Dec 16, 2003
I have just listed these microcomputers on eBay. You can see the listing by visiting my eBay store:


I am slowly starting to dispose of my rather massive collection of computer artifacts. I was once part of effort in Minnesota to start a Computer Museum in the early 1980's. It never materialized, but I did collect lots of stuff! Now that I am nearing retirement, I think it is time to start the purge! I had 3 Apple 1's at one time, but unfortunaley they are all gone. I hear that one of them that I had sold on eBay earlier this year for $60,000+ (the one with the letter from steve jobs on notebook paper). If you want a peek at some of the items I have collected, visit my web site at:


This summer I plan to go through the many boxes of manuals, software, and misc. hardware. In addition to working on the museum project, I was also the the lead Design Analyst for MECC for 20 years--we were the ones that brought you Oregon Trail, Number Munchers, and many other educational programs. I was the recipient of many of older system we had along with lots of company reference material. Hopefully there will be a few goodies in those boxes. I think that I have a couple Apple prototypes---like the first Mac and an Apple //c. They used to send us computers before their release to verify that they worked OK with all the MECC software.


Veteran Member
Oct 5, 2005
I'm glad you posted here. I actually noticed your auctions pretty early on and I don't think you'll have much problem getting them to other collectors but regardless posting here will get a lot of good exposure. I've already seen them slowly creeping up lol surely out of my price range by the end but I'm watching never-the-less. Thanks for posting and I'm glad you posted about it here. Lots of great and responsible collectors here.

- John