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Sep 17, 2008
hi there.

i found this forum when having a MicroOffice nostalgia moment last night :)

i was one of the software engineers on the RoadRunner. did all the BIOS stuff (kbd/display/serial/parallel/modem/timers/power control), VT100 terminal emulator, added graphics to microsoft BASIC, cartridge formatting/resurrection stuff, the context-sensitive help system, and parts of the scheduler and phone book apps. also designed a few bits of hardware (spare-4K-RAM mapper, sound generator).

i was two months out of high school when MOST hired me.

before that, i worked for omnitek computers in tewksbury mass, assembling and testing 5.25" drives (MPI and tandon) for TRS-80 model I's and selling TRS-80s, apple IIs, and commodore PETs.

my very first computer was a decsystem-10 that we could dial into from tewksbury jr hs. bought a commodore vic-20, then a 64.

i'm a HUGE amiga fan as well. i used to have 15 amigas (1000, 500, 2000, 3000, 3000UX, 1200, 4000T). managed to get commodore to hire me in 1990/91, and ended up working on the bridgeboard (a 286/386 PC on a card that let a perfectly good amiga run ms-dos and windows 3.1).

i used amigas for a long time. didn't go to The Dark Side until 1999, and only then for Quake II and because everyone wanted resumes in Word format.

speaking of the Dark Side, we had an 8088 kludged into the RoadRunner at the very end, but no $$$ to finish. it would've been "MS-DOS compatible" but not "PC compatible". god knows what it would've done to battery life...

i currently do embedded software stuff.


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May 7, 2006
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Welcome to the forum.

You seem to have a varied (and checkered LOL) background in what is now referred to as "the old stuff" (aka that pile of junk).

Although my career has always been repair, I don't hold it against you that you were in the design end, even though they had no concept "enough room so we can work on the damn thing" :)