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Just came back-- holy cow! Looks nice...

I mentioned this in the Rants section already, but just wanted to highlight again the problem reading the font in the forum posts. Oddly, the quoted text is more readable, as is the text in the Reply box where I'm typing now, but the standard text is a strain to read.

If you hit "go advanced" you'll be taken to the advanced post editor which does seem to have a bigger font.
An excellent idea, if everyone who posts would use it...

Testing some different sizes from the Advanced Reply menu:
Size 1
Size 2
Size 3
Size 4
Size 5
Size 6
Size 7

Size 3 is OK, if only it were darker (that could be the fault of my failing monitor). Size 4 is very easy to read.

You've always got the browser magnification (Ctrl + in most browsers.)
A good temporary work-around, but who wants to [Ctrl][+] and [Crtl][-] each time they enter and exit the website?
..........I'm pretty sure all of the old messages from the previous version of the forum were moved over. If you can't find a specific one please let me know.

I can't find 'any' posts older than today. (Find all Posts), just doesn't seem to be working on anything older than today, at least in my browser (IE eight).
Not only can't find any of 'my' old posts - but anyone elses either.
This is only happening when I click on 'Find All Posts' by -
To fix the fonts you should look into the css styles sheet used by the cvs software. I maintain an amateur radio related website, and had to teak the fonts, and they are all tied to a style sheet.
Yes, I'm getting used to it very quickly. Ok, in an ideal world the forum would be a blank screen with a blinking green cursor, but I'll get used to this new fangled color and a cursor driven by a mouse!

I found the link to "today's posts" (thanks to Erik et al) so I'm happy :)
I have a small question.

When I click "New Posts", I'd like to be able to mark all of the threads as read. There are many topics that I'm not particularly interested in reading.
I have a small question.

When I click "New Posts", I'd like to be able to mark all of the threads as read. There are many topics that I'm not particularly interested in reading.

I found that under the Forum Actions link, it marks all forums as read. Had to hunt for that one.
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Ah, thanks--I found it.
So what does it do???

I tried that before, and I just tried it again, both in Opera and in FF. It doesn't do anything here as far as I can see. All the posts are still the same colour/intensity and there is no tick mark or change of any kind that I have been able to find.

I see that the time stamp is back though - so the paper and pencil method works again.
Oops. I see that the date stamp is only available in the Opera browser, and not in Fire Fox. No problem - I've always got a bunch of browsers open and can just use the one which suits VCF the best. Poor Erik is probably working hard in the background while I'm looking at a moving target. :)
I'm running FF 3.5.6 and when I click the "Mark Forum Read", all of the icons go to the gray "read" state. Ole, are you on a Mac or something?
lol That'll be the day. :) No, I'm on Kubuntu 8.04 using FF 3.0.16 and (just now) Opera 10.10. As we speak I also reached over and tried another machine with FreeBSD 8.0 and SeaMonkey and Opera and get the same results.

When I click "Mark Forum Read", all it does is dump me into the table of contents which is of no interest to me. When I go back to the list of recent posts, nothing has changed.
I just logged in and ended up on the wrong page (my fault) so I had to log back out to find this post because it's not listed in either "What's New?" or "Today's Posts". Anyway I got here.... lol /stumble

I checked a number of browsers to see which ones showed the time on the posts in the main list. Epiphany, Galeon, FireFox, Konqueror, and Dillo, do not show the date. In fact Dillo does not show the recent posts list but only the list of sub-forums. Opera, and elinks are the only ones (on my list) which show the time. Clearly the rendering is strongly browser dependent. I wonder if this software is written specifically for IE, I've seen that happen.
Is there a "report spam" button somewhere?

Is there a "report spam" button somewhere?

Question: is there an easy way to flag a topic as spam?

I just encountered two identical new obvious spam topics about some supposed spyware-related product.

I rated them as "terrible" and added a "spam" tag, but I would've liked to simply click on a "report spam" button somewhere and be done with it.

Either such a button already exists and is staring me in the face somewhere obvious where I haven't looked yet, or this feature truly is not part of the forum yet. In the former case, please direct me towards that button. In the latter case, please add this feature, if at all possible. Thanks. :)
Question: is there an easy way to flag a topic as spam?

Not as clear as it used to be maybe, but there should be a little
icon at the bottom of the post.
Not as clear as it used to be maybe, but there should be a little icon at the bottom of the post.
That depends on the browser. It's almost 4 am here so I won't check all the browsers right now, but Opera shows the icon and FireFox does not. As I mentioned earlier this software seems extremely sensitive to browsers.
Running FF 3.5.6 and everything seems to be showign up. I got the FLAG icon and everything. Weird that there are these problems. Change seems to spawn stuff like this.

Ole Juul, what version are you running? From your post earlier, are you running a Linux box?
Ole Juul, what version are you running? From your post earlier, are you running a Linux box?
I run mostly Linux and FreeBSD, I can't afford the MS software and can't stomach the EULA. :) However, I don't think OS has anything to do with it. I think the forum software is using highly non-standard procedures because I spend a huge part of my day on the internet and I've never seen anything like it. My version of FF is 3.0.16 which is fairly recent. (I'll check with FF3.5 after I log off.) At the moment FF shows the dates on the posts in the main list. What is more noteworthy is that Opera 10.10 (the latest) does not show the dates but does show the "report icon". Opera is purported to be the most compliant major browser, but I don't think it should matter what browser one uses. Obviously text browsers like elinks won't show icons. Dillo shows images but doesn't show the icon either. I often use Dillo, but you need a letter from your doctor to do that. :)

Anyway, the big problem here is that important details like date and "report post icon" don't always show. The fact that posts are not marked read in any (of 8 ) browsers is a problem that I can live with by using pencil and paper - a technique that has a long history in computing. However, that vBulletin would offer software for sale which requires such a technique is mysterious, and dare I say, a tad non-professional.

The bottom line is that despite the fact that I have awesome computer power at my finger tips, I am quite willing to set up (yet another) separate computer with specialized software just to use the VCF - but I shouldn't have to do that. :)
I've done some more detailed looking into it. I just posted from someone else's computer running Kubuntu 9.04 and FF 3.0.16 as well as FF 3.5.6 (now called Shiretoko) and because of a different font setup, I noticed that the "report post icon" was actually there in both instances. When the font size is brought down to a very small size, it starts to appear from below. The same goes for both version of FF.

Now I just went back to my own computer and, in FF, brought the font size down to 40% (that's really, really, small) then the icon appears. It seems like that icon's position is specified differently from the others on the same line.

Then I checked if the same could be true for the time stamp. YES! When the font size is brought way down, one can see the numbers jump up from below where they are hidden.

It would appear then that the whole problem is a page layout which breaks easily. IOW this is a "best viewed with" page. Bringing the font size down to unreadable fixes the problem in both Opera and FF. Dillo, of course is still different - but I'll have to ask my doctor about that. :)

Edit: After submitting the post and seeing things "normally" again, I noticed that even at 40% font size, the little icon does not come up high enough to even be within the grey bar where the other icons are.
I've found that although I'm logged on and have all the Permissions I'm unable to post a reply, except in one instance. Hopefully this will get through and I won't receive a not logged on message and request a log-in, which puts me back in the same negative loop.