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Keytronic Pad Materials

Okay I shaved the block and they're coming out a LOT better now.

Alright I am finally out of the material seen above. Once I got into a groove listening to music/youtube and I had the stock built up I got something like 320 pads with a 90% yield done in an hour and a half. So between this and the other pads I had already made up and other pads I fit into the above Wicat that was over 500 pads in about two and a half hours.
The first batch has been loaded into the keyboard for an Apricot PC Xi and I am happy to report even with some of the pads I suspected would be marginal they work flawlessly.


Pads have also now been loaded into the keyboard for a Wicat 150 and a Wang Processional Computer however those machines both have other problems preventing me from fully testing them at the moment.