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Looking for Franklin Ace 1000 ROM images

One of my ACE1000s has a keyboard with an EPROM. I've desoldered it and read it in; the image is attached.

Note: the original EPROM is an Intel 2758. It appears to be a single-voltage 2708, with a pinout matching the 2716 minus A10 (pin 19). I grounded pin 19 and read it as a 2716, so the resulting ROM dump is doubled. You should be able to burn it to a 2716 as-is, as pin 19 is grounded on the keyboard PCB.

I'm currently trying to fix an old serial terminal (https://www.vcfed.org/forum/forum/t...elcon-ambassador-iv-vcs-204-portable-terminal) and its keyboard looks like a very close cousin of the Ace, with even the same 2758 EPROM (though this one is National Semiconductor) - Does the Ace keyboard also use the General Instrument 19-04592-013 as the controller, or a different variant of the GI 4592?

For some reason I'm not able to read out the contents of my ROM. Telling my TL866-II to read it as a 2816, it never reads the same data twice. I'm trying to just set it up on a breadboard to see one byte at a time, but not having luck with that so far either.
I guess I never updated this topic. A member of this board or another sent me a bin file they said was for the keyboard. i asked some questions but the member never replied again. as luck would have it that rom image worked perfectly and i was able to fix that franklin 1000/1200 keytronic keyboard. As i mentioned earlier they connected the ribbon cable backwards so it blew a couple ttl chips and capacitors. But thankfully i was able to fix that computer and get it back to its owner.
I'm currently working on repair of a Franklin ACE 1000 80-column card. Does anyone have images of the slot and character ROMs?
So I was working on my (Working) ACE 1000 and I decided to clean the mouse poop off the motherboard. In the process, I removed the ROMs and went to read them all in.... Sadly, in the process, I accidentally wrote to the ROM in G7 before reading it out. One would think it wouldn't do anything, right? Well I did a test with the G8 ROM where I loaded a different ROM and hit write -- it errored out. But then when I loaded the correct ROM into the buffer, I did a verify and the first byte was changed! So I am assuming the first byte of the G7 ROM was changed as well..... and this happened before I read it out and saved it, so I just don't know what it should be.

It is labelled "G7 v2.0 1331404" and is the ROM for E000h.

Does anyone have a copy of the ROM images (specifically of the E0xx v2.0 ROM) I'll need to replace this PROM with a EPROM ......

Also if you have an Ace 1000 with the 2.0 ROM in that socket and you go into machine language monitor, can you show me first few bytes of E000 holds? I can probably hex edit the file I made to make it correct again.

At this point, my machine no longer boots -- just stops at the garbage screen at power-up. It may not be related to the ROMs as the mouse poop has caused some corrosion on some of the other chips and me disturbing those chips might have screwed things up. I may end up trying new chips in those sockets just to see if that helps as they are all normal 74LS logic stuff.

Confirming what E000 ROM has it in would be the best -- but also if you pull the E000 and D800 ROM from the machine I'm curious what that does to the boot sequence. Total stoppage or a crash?

Just looking for the code out of the 24s10 prom on the ace 1000 color board its a ti 24s10 256 by 4 bit prom

Thank you