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MARCH Burroughs B80 system

Al Kossow

Documentation Wizard
Sep 1, 2006
Silicon Valley
Looking back in the archives it sounds like they were given a system.
Anyone know about this, or its current condition?

I've been working on documenting the whole Small Systems series lately on bitsavers

really ancient history..
Does anyone here know what happened to Will Jennings' system?
I can't even find a email adr for him. I thought he was getting rid of a bunch of
paper tape within the past year, can't even find that.

or the state of this one
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Hi, Al. My father donated a B80 to Dave McGuire some years ago, and it's currently at the LSSM. As I recall, there was a big box of documentation, including print sets for the hardware. Software was on floppy disk, and most of what he had were third-party business applications, but the basic system software was likely there.
I've been in contact with Dave about it, and some of the documention on bitsavers is from them.
Imaging the floppies is challenging, because most models of Burroughs floppies are very un-IBM standard.