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Modifying an IBM 4869 external floppy box, Part 2


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Jan 11, 2007
Pacific Northwest, USA
Okay, now replace the cable retainer (all plastic), making sure to press firmly along its entire length to make sure that all wires have been pierced by the insulation-displacing contacts and that the retainer latches into the connector body:

Fold the cable over the connector body as it was originally, and replace the strain relief. You may need to bend the ears slightly together to get the relief to latch over the retainer. You'll probably have a bit of cable sticking out of the connector body; use your X-acto knife to cut it neatly flush.

You can replace the cable clamp now and reattach the connector to the drive.

You may want to substitute a different drive and find that the cable will not reach the drive connector You'll have to cut the cable tie that holds the cable to the baseplate.. Extend the cable by moving the black rubber strain relief the needed distance (use some alcohol as a lubricant and just push the relief the required distance. The relief will stay put by friction when the alcohol evaporates. Using your X-acto knife, carefully cut the required amount of insulation off near the shield to allow for the new position of the cable clamp. Fit a new cable tie, secure the cable with the cable clamp and you're all set.

Here's a lengthened and modified cable on a 4869 connected to a Teac FD-55GFR drive:

You can also vary this scheme by extending the cable and crimping a dual-row IDC connector to use a 3.5" or a 3.5/5.25 "combo" drive (e.g. Teac FD-505).

Have fun!