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NEC ProSpeed 386SX


Apr 27, 2023
Things are never as black and white as we'd like, that's why I try to keep an open mind through these projects. I'm gradually learning what I don't know and that's a good point to keep in mind, just because a light turns on (part 1) doesn't mean its sufficient to light a room like you want (part 2). Need to keep things like this in mind while troubleshooting.

I can believe safety is a big aspect of the education especially with those. I assume my respect of capacitors is from a story by my mum before I was born of my dad messing with a CRT TV in the 70, said he touched something and it threw him against the wall. Doctor said he should be alive.


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Jan 27, 2008
United States
I was using it with the alternate source using the DC connector. Do you think its okay to use it this way? Since I probably can't fix the PSU I was thinking I could make the alternate source its dedicated power supply,...... unless that's a bad idea. Its a LongWei 30V/10A DC power supply.
You should be instead grab a cheap OEM Lenovo 20V adapter used for a Thinkpad from the T60+ era of laptops, if you want a reasonable supply to use as the replacement. They're cheap and plentiful on eBay and the like, just make sure it's OEM and not a cheap knockoff. the supply is technically 3-pin but the third pin can be ignored as it's just a resistor between center pin and ground to tell the laptop what wattage the supply is to know how much current it can pull from it when powered. it will work without that line connected and you should be able to splice the existing end onto the cord. a 65W is probably your best bet and will be super overkill for the laptop with how little power it draws, but if you are planning on rebuilding the battery pack, you'll want that extra amperage the original supply called for. that supply will handle it just fine since I think it comes out around 3.25A.