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Newbie from Canada


New Member
Jul 23, 2005
Nova Scotia
Hello all. I'm a homeschooling, stay-at-home mom from eastern Canada. I've just started collecting older computers and software this spring. My DH and I were thinking of building a gaming computer but the more I learned the more interesting I found older computers like the ones I grew up on and older.

There's nothing spectacular in my collection...some Comm 64's & drives, a Vic 20, Mac SE and a bunch of components for 386-486's. I do have some nice old games including Starflight and a small pile of OS's.

I'm trying to stay restrained and not spend much money until I find what I'd like to concentrate on. Until then I mostly get my stuff through Freecycle.org, Sally Ann, yard sales and trades (An old beater of a Sundance should yield some old 486's and, I think, an Apple II.)

I look forward to talking to you all.


Experienced Member
Jul 6, 2005
Upstate NY
Hi WishboneDawn,

Welcome aboard, you've definitaly come to the right place :). These people really know their vintage computers good ;-). Hope you have fun on these forums.

Got a question? Ask away, we're all here to help you find the answers best we can.

Got an Answer? well I guess we could play jeopardy and try to find what the question is? lol.

Got a comment? Freedom of speach, such an underated right we all have ;-).

Got a system you want to sell or trade, this is the right place too.

Looking for a system or information on that system? Yup we do that too.

Wow, delete all your bookmarks and just stick around here. lol. Nah don't do that ;-).

Anyways welcome aboard, you can be sure we'll talk soon :).