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OEMs & clones on eBay (continuous listings)

This thread was started mainly for IBM PC clones. I think it is a good thing to have since no-name clones are harder to search for. A few people including myself find early PC clones interesting, and read or post to this thread.

Nothing wrong with an Apple fan starting their own thread if they want. Or anyone else that wants to trawl throug on line listings for some specific category.
Corona Data Systems Luggable

No-name "3-6" Desktop AT clone 386sx

No-name desktop AT clone 386

American Research XT clone, with Tallgrass tape drive

Zenith Data Systems ZF-148-42 and amdek amber monochrome monitor

Multitech MPF-PC/900 desktop AT clone, miniscribe hard drive.

No-name "Blackship" 386 desktop AT clone

Generic Atlantic AIC-Turbo XT clone Desktop

No-name "Fountain Technologies E5Q5LFXT" Desktop XT clone

Leading Edge DC-5110

Epson Equity I+ PC Computer Model Q301A

ZEOS 386 Desktop Tower Computer System

1985 TAXAN Super Color Graphics Display Adapter

Not PC, but interesting:

Xerox Star 64DB Monitor