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On again, off again

Using SERTEST.EXE and the prescribed loopback adapter I ran tests against the Everex EV-170A card. Tests revealed a problem with both serial channels' IO,...
I've got an EVEREX MAGIC I/O-AT EV-170A 8-bit ISA I/O Adapter Brand New In Box Sealed if that's of interest.

Everex0a.jpg Everex00a.jpg
36VCT transformers are not uncommon, exempli gratia--and give you 18-0-18, which will give you more than enough headroom for a 15V linear regulator (e.g. LM7815).

I've seen a number of CT transformers that looked like they would do, but my question, not answered in the specs, is whether they can be rated for 120VAC which is presumed to be the input.

The trick about commonly-available transformers is to think in terms of 9V multiples. So, 9, 18 and 36 volt units are quite common.

Good to know, thank you.

Many transformers feature dual primaries (such as the one that I pointed to). Series = 220/240V; Parallel = 110/120V.

In one case, I've used a split primary transformer used in a power supply as an autotransformer to supply 240V to a floppy drive motor. Worked fine--use the series connection, but feed line voltage to the center tap and take your 240V from the far end.