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PC-6300 and a Future Domain TMC-850M SCSI Controller, locking up the system


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Jan 11, 2007
Pacific Northwest, USA
There's probably a better place to put this post, but since it came up...

I've located the booklet--actually about 20 pages (AT&T pub 999-300-3091S) that gives instructions for upgrading to the 1.43 BIOS. It came with 2 EPROMs and 1 PAL, identified as "PAL 90" and as a "memory decoder PAL". It replaces PAL49 at position 2P on the motherboard.

There's some additional information regarding switches and disks in the booklet as well. In particular, the DIP switch 1 at location 7W. Switch 3 should be off to enable external hard disk code. It should only be set on if you have the DTC MFM controller for the 6300.

I should probably scan the booklet and pass it to Al K.