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Plans for Mark-8 computer

I have everything that was available, but it isn't full plans by any means.
Contact Jon Titus. I don't have his info laying around but I'm sure somebody has his email or website. If you email him he will send you copies of the original Mark 8 plans. I've been meaning to write him about this but I haven't had time.

He stated this in person at the VCF 2 in 2005 when he was a guest speaker.

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Erik, is there any chance you could email the materials to me? Otherwise, anyone know John Titus' email address?

I should be able to scan and mail them sometime. They are currently still paper, though. :)

I emailed photos of the material I had to John Titus a few years back and he confirmed that they were the items sent back when ordered from the RE article (I've also got that.)

If you're in a rush you might want to check with Bryan Blackburn (http://bytecollector.com/) He's got a working Mark-8 and I'm 99% sure he's got all the goods scanned already.

Let me know if that works out and I'll take scanning off my to do list. :)
Anyone interested in Mark-8 information can send me an email at jontitus@comcast.net. I have complete copies of documentation from the Radio-Electronics article, the Radio-Electronics booklet, and some errata. I also have a nice copy of an early Intel 8008 manual I can copy for your personal use. Let me know what you are up to and what you need.
Jon Titus
Herriman, UT 84096
Mark 8

Mark 8

Hi Jon,
I bought the Mark 8 plans from RE back in the 70's and managed to come up with most of the parts. Since the 8008 chip was $125.00 from Intel, I never got around to completing it. A few years back, I bought an untested 8008 chip from Ebay. The seller didn't know if the chip was good. Is there a way to test this thing before I go and build a mark-8 around it? These chips are getting hard to find.

P.S. : If I ever get this computer built and working, could I send it to you and get your autograph on it? ;o)
Don't worry about breaking it. I have some if you get in a bind. I do not have a way to test it though...
Has anyone had any success

Has anyone had any success

... in building the Mark-8? Jon had mentioned that he has shippedd a few copies of the plans to others in the fourm.

The amount of material is extensive and I thank Jon again for taking the time to photocopy and send them out to me. I had a chance to review only a portion of the material, and it will take some effort on my part to bring my skills to that level.

For the rest of you, this would be a good project to tackle and I would like to hear on your progress.
Really sounds interesting

Really sounds interesting

My hand started twitching as I read the posts in this thread. I'd love to build a Mark-8. I almost emailed Jon for the plans, then I looked over my left shoulder and saw all the Amateur Radio kits I have, just sitting there, waiting on me to finish (or start) them.

There's just not enough time to do everything you want!
I have collected a vast inventory of Mark-8 & 8008 information, books, magazines, flyers, schematics, software, etc., & etc. All of it scanned in pdf format for your reading pleasure, but not quite ready for public posting. If you would like a copy of something (everything?), go to my website at www.bytecollector.com, send me an email and I'll hook you up. (Many of the files are available for download.)