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Projects for 2022


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Feb 25, 2005
Reno, NV
Just making plans.....

Tandy 1000A
Just upgrade the 8088 to a V20 and an 8087. I keep planning to do this, just have not got around to it yet. Been too busy with other, more important things outside of computing as of late.

GEM 286
Install a bigger hard disk in it and possibly repaint the DVD-RW drive gray to match the case. Either that or reinstall the SCSI drive on it's own and use it w/o the BIOS.

Compaq Deskpro 386s/20
387 SX Math Co-Processor and that's about it. Maybe throw a second bigger HDD in the machine, or just swap the original 212MB drive altogether.

NEC Versa laptops (General)
Fix VersaDock Power Supply (2x bad resistors), maybe also do some repairs/upgrades/finishing to the top of the custom wood monitor stand. And get that VersaVideo PCMCIA card working finally and record some more YouTube footage for it.

NEC Versa 40EC
PCMCIA Sound Card when it comes out (VOGONS)

NEC Versa V/50
Repair whatever is causing the HDD not to be selected for boot when the floppy drive is installed. Relates to that 6.3a fuse I replaced last year. Also PCMCIA Sound Card.

NEC Versa M/75
Finally order a replacement digitizer and install it. Also get my hands on one of those PCMCIA sound cards for it as well.

NEC Versa P/75
Plastic repairs pretty much - lots of plastic repairs.

Creeping Net 486
Pretty much nothing, as usual.

Moondog 486
Fix problem with SoundBlaster digital audio not working, maybe reimage for DOS 7.01 and windows 3.1 instead of FreeDOS.

NEC Ready 9522 Pentium 100
Try out that AMD K6 CPU in it if the voltages match, upgrade to 128MB of RAM, maybe downgrade to a 10mbps NIC and put a USB port card in there.

Parts Repairs
  • PC Chips M919 - Won't POST, needs Cr2302 holder (cannibalized), maybe get a Am486 3.3v CPU for it, test all caps and the voltage regulator, and make sure the BIOS works
  • PC Chips PC100 - Not getting video signal from internal video, maybe cobble a video connector and test, replace CR2302 holder (cannibalized)
System Builds?
Might end up building a Pentium II since I have 2 CPUs and have never had one before. Thinking about scouring e-bay for dirt cheap socket 1 boards for these and putting together a nice Windows 98 SE "tweener" rig out of it. May even sell the NEC Ready 9522 if this comes to pass.

Scratch Built?
Have a few scratch building ideas I've been playing with doing, though these are not limited to this year....

  • Gamepads for the Tandy 1000 Series - NES Style gamepads for the Tandy 1000 line, just basic plug in and play. Give the machine more of a "nintendo" type feel.
  • Home built XT/AT format cases - Basically, build the structure with pre-stamped back panels for the expansion slots and I/O sheild, and a metal brake for the actual case proper. Then either mill out my own front fascias using plastic stock, mold some copies of some vintage ones with Alumalite, or get them 3D printed. Maybe try and recreate some classic stuff, and maybe some original designs of my own. Design them so they can utilize modern power supplies and even house modern motherboards if I want (ATX).