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QX-10 graphics mode issue


Experienced Member
Oct 11, 2015
Flatlands, UK
Hi folks,

I've finally got my hands on a QX-10 after 20 years of waiting patiently for one to land in my lap. It's a Euro ASCII edition with multifont card, 192k main RAM and 32k video RAM.

I've managed to write some floppies using my Greaseweazle and drive B from the QX-10, all good. The original disk you got with the machine doesn't boot though, it gets as far as showing the drive mappings then hangs. CP/M MF is fine though, but MFBASIC draws the screen looking like it's one pixel column out to the right. Valdocs doesn't boot much at all, but when it DOES boot it mashes the screen badly, see pics. It also hangs.


I've tested main RAM and video RAM fine, no faults found. Any clues on where else I can look?


Did you get the graphics problem resolved yet? If not, did you try removing the MF card and see if Valdocs looks correct ? Is your graphics board the GGS ? I have a Sams CSCS4-A pdf of the GGS board with waveforms I must have got online from somewhere. I can share on here if needed.

Larry G
Not yet, the machine has been stored while I tackle other projects. I need to get it back on the bench though since I'm exhibiting it at the next UK retrofest on November 4th/5th. I'm sure I tried removing the MF card as a 'just in case' though. The screen is wrong even with the base diagnostics though - the second it goes hi-res the vertical line appears.