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Road warriors and gadget fans


VCFed Founder
Aug 14, 2003
New Jersey
Hello out there! Erik kindly added this folder for we on-the-go folks, at my request. So... if you're into "luggables" like the Compaq Portable, KayPro, or Osborne; "Handheld Computers" like the Panasonic/Quasar HHC or TRS-80 Pocket Computer 1; DOS clamshells; Mac Portables, Sharp Wizards; jolly ol' Newtons, Gridpads, the original Palm Pilot, or even the darn Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, then: 1.) bring your towel, 2. Post something interesting, and 3.) Have fresh batteries. 8)

Terry Yager

Veteran Member
May 1, 2003
Saginaw, MI, USA 48601
Hello, MobileMaster

Many years ago, I made the decision to limit my collection to portable (luggable) computers, for lack of storage space. At the time, I had had over 100 computers in my collection, but was forced to drastically cull the herd. A few untimely moves later and my collection is now down to a handful of machines. I have very little storage space, so most of the former collection has been sold or donated to a local computer museum, so I can still visit my babies. The few machines I still have include a Kaypro 10, with the SWP Co-power 88 add-in 8088 processor board, a Kaypro II, Kaypro 2 (not the same animal), a Kaypro 4, a Kaypro 2X, and a Kaypro 1. Other machines include an Osborne 01, (the first type, with the flimsy case), a Compaq Portable 286, (the full-sized model), which has recently decided not to work, and a UCI luggable that has built-in VGA (paper white) display. I have had it built all the way up to a Pentium-75, when I decided to build it back down to it's original condition. Today it is a 386DX-40 with 16megs of ram and a 120mb hard drive. I also have a VT Commuter Computer, which is offered for sale elsewhere on this message board, if you're interested.
Other luggables that have passed thru my hands include several Compaq Portables, a Portable II, a couple of Portable IIIs, as well as a series of Compaq laptops, several Zenith laptops, and a Zenith PC-160, which I just sold a couple of weeks ago. I have also sold or donated a Sanyo 775, with the color (CGA) monitor built in, another Sanyo, forget the model, A Columbia Data Products VPC, a Panasonic Sr. Partner with the built-in printer, and several other Kaypros, including a couple of 16s and a 2000. I have also had several Tandy TRS laptops and a Model 4P. Also, I forgot to include the HP 110 laptop.
My main machine today is an IBM Thinkpad 770E, which is becoming more vintage every day. I am using it right now to post this overly long message. My current collection also includes a few desktop CP/M machines, and oh yeah, the world's first portable computer, an S-100 mainframe built into a Kennedy toolbox, around 1977. There is also a HP75C, a Tandy 102, and a TI CC-40 laptop. Another handheld is a Nixdorf LK-3000, with a red LED display, which dates back to 1980.
That is about all I can think of off the top of my head.

So long, and thanks for all the fish...