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Shipping options for boat anchors


Experienced Member
Feb 9, 2015
Campbell, CA
What shippers do people use when transporting some of these 100+ lbs. boat anchors? I bought an EAI TR-20 from a craigslist seller in Austin that I want to bring to SFBA. Quotes, including packing and are around $400 so far.
I've shipped things that size all day long. Check Parcelmonkey quotes online. They usually have the best domestic rates for large gear like that. They use FedEx as the shipper so I always pack a system really well and then build another box around that box with a layer of popcorn between the boxes. Should do the trick.
If it's really heavy--LtoL and palletized. Less likely to get damaged or have heavy stuff piled on it.

Some packaging stores negotiate their own contracts with freight haulers and can offer packaging and transport for less than you can by getting a one-time rate from a trucking firm. Packaging stores often offer special reduced rates if you can ship to a local store, rather than paying for the "last mile". I've had good results with Pak-Mail, but there are others.
You can check Polonez parcel service - They have options from even buying transport in half a container or more, to smaller packages sent by sea or air.
FedEx Ground will carry packages up to 150lb, but charge surcharges over 70lb. With that said, just because you can, that doesn't mean that you should.....

As Chuck says, LTL freight is a tried and tested method and you should go through a broker like a packing store or similar, not just for price but also to help you with freight class, liftgate requirements and a dozen other things that you don't want to spend time learning about.

Another option, if it's under 100lb is Greyhound Package Express. It's bus station to bus station, so you won't get tracking that's acceptable as proof of delivery for online intermediaries, but it's cheap and the packages are hand carried for transfer between vehicles, minimizing the risk of damage. I've used them a couple of times and have been happy with the results.