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Still Wanted: Face panel for HP Vectra VL


25k Member
Jan 11, 2007
Pacific Northwest, USA
Not like that one, I posted a picture in the above post, that's what I have minus the face plate. Mine is a desktop, definitely a desktop.

Then that might not be what you're after. The machine you have pictured is a convertible minitower, much like the Compaq Deskpro ENs. See how the faceplate flares out at one end? That's so you can adapt the thing either as a minitower or a desktop.

ASUS motherboard? That marks the descent of HP from their wonderful in-house designs to the "anyone want to bid on this?" phase. Two of the desktop VL4/600s that I have had completely different motherboards. One had a ASUS socket 370 P3/440BX mobo; the other an FIC Slot 1/Intel 815/RDRAM setup.