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Tandy 6000HD 8" Xenix floppies Needed


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Oct 7, 2009
New Joizey, USA
Hi guys,

I have a Tandy 6000HD in near perfect condition that has been in storage for 4 years. I'd like to use it as part of my exhibit at VCF East 9.1.

It powers up fine and the screen looks great. Unfortunately all I get is "Boot Error HN" on the screen.

I found a "Getting Started" page online, which mentions having to initialize and format the hard disk, which leads me to believe the hard disk was never initialized and Xenix never installed. So I need to find Xenix boot/install disks.

If anyone can help locate or make copies, please let me know. Much appreciated.
Yes it should work fine. Problem is getting it on 8" floppies.

Don't put them on 8". Put them on 5.25 and cobble together a quick and dirty adapter. It's not that hard and quite handy to have around.
Just know that DS0 doesn't come out on the external floppy connector so you'll have to mess around a bit to get it plugged in to the internal connector. It is worth the effort.

I have Xenix on 8" and 5.25" media but I won't use the 8" unless I have to. The drives and the media are just too delicate.

Where in Jersey are you? You can come borrow an adapter and drive from me up in Wantage.

Or use HD 3.5" floppies if you will. Somewhere, about 2years ago, I posted instructions and photos on how to add a 34-pin header and a couple of jumpers to the Type II floppy controller card to do this. A 3.5" DSHD floppy has a longer track (bit-wise) than a 5.25" DSHD, but that doesn't seem to matter on the tests that I did--and the 3.5" HD media is as common as dirt.
Where in Jersey are you? You can come borrow an adapter and drive from me up in Wantage.

I'm near Morristown. I haven't been up in Sussex in a long time. Should be about a 45 min ride.

Anyway I would like to take you up on that offer. I'll PM you separately. Thanks!
Would like to help. I have some 8" disks of the 3.2 xenix install set -- but at the moment I have a working 16 with bad floppy controller, and a working 6000 with no working video. If I can fix the video will see if I can dupe the disks. from the symptoms it sounds like the HD may have aged a bit in storage. I have one of those also that was working great when put into storage over a decade ago and no longer works (but spins up and makes not nice noises.)
Where is the 5 1/4 adaptor link?
I am curious.... have an old 6000 i would like to re-invigorate. If I can get it working it will be nice for historical purposes. I am sorry to say that it is probably dead due to being stored in an attic.
Tony M.