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The Best Tandy Coco 1 Resources?


Veteran Member
Feb 21, 2011
Eugene, OR
Sorry for asking this seemingly simplet noob question, but as the title suggests, I am looking for what some of you would consider to be the best resource page for program downloads, manuals etc. for the Tandy Coco 1. I am primmarily looking for cassette images, or audio files to download and play from my PC and record into my cassette recorder for later loading into my Coco. Of course, I am looking for a good variety of programs too, from games, and even some kind of word processinng. The site should also have program code so that I can copy and paste these into notepad or other word processor for later printing so these can be typed in manually.

Original downloadable scans of the Tandy Coco 1 manuals and guides is also a plus. If you have a favorite page, ar maybe even a couple, I would be interested.

The reason I ask, is that there are just so many links to choose from, but most sttm to be centered arouns the Tandy Coco 3. And to be completely honest, I'm not familiar with the Coco 3 at all.

I look forward to some of your responses.

Thanks much.