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Trailer full of Vintage Computers for sale near Tampa, Florida

I'm looking for NEC Powermate SX/20 parts, though looking at the general vintage of that stuff, I doubt it'll be among them. I can also take the extra stuff anyone doesn't want to pick up assuming it isn't too far away (and there's anything worthwhile left).
I can fly down in a few weeks (can use up some frequent flyer miles before they expire). Will be able to help out.
Did just the two of you guys put down money or do you need more?
For some reason sometimes my posts don't appear but, I saw in the pictures that there are some old Mac keyboards in the pile, and I have a 512k that could really use one! So I'm definitely interested in those!
Does anyone know what these are?


I could've sworn I saw those in one of Tezza's videos; maybe ask him?
I could've sworn I saw those in one of Tezza's videos; maybe ask him?

I thought it might be an SVI-328, but the shape of the case and ports on the back don't look right.

Other guesses include a Commodore B128 or P500, or a Colour Genie, but again, it doesn't quite match up.

Now I'm thinking those might actually be terminal keyboards, and thus not real computers at all.
Really glad to see some people have worked with John to purchase these items. It means I didn't post the thread for nothing. Looking forward to Sunday to see a better inventory of the items. As a collector, lately I've been more focused on preserving software than hardware, helps keep some real estate in the house and that makes wifey happy. Hopefully the software survived the humidity but in my experience, it seems unlikely.
Fantastic find... can't wait to see the full list!

If you guys need some help "sorting" it or packaging it, it might be worth a Saturday trip to spend a day helping out. Maybe in trade for an item or two ;)

(sorry for the johnny-come-lately post... I've been slammed at work for the last 8 weeks, and only just now able to revisit the site a bit!)
I just tried updating this thread w/a link to a photo album but a mod needs to approve - our guy on the ground is only there until tomorrow, lots of rust and damage but some silver linings!
That is a lot of stuff! Most of it looks pretty weathered and worn. That black Apple looked pretty neat. I definitely could use one of those old Macintosh keyboards and a mouse. Those Mac 128k's look pretty beat up, but I think I could find a use for them. Overall really worn, but cool!
The batteries in the Lisa's have leaked. They look like they are probably toast. Probably only parts to be salvaged there. I wouldn't try plugging them in.
Hmm. I may have to take that trip to Florida sooner than planned! :)