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Viztek IC Tester Model VZ-4


Nov 18, 2003
Landenberg, PA USA
Viztek IC Tester Model VZ-4
Anyone worked with this? I want to test LS, S, L, and normal 7400 chips. I spoke with the tech at the company selling the unit, he said yes it will work ... I guess we'll find out, I just ordered one. I have hundreds of unknown chips, plus it will come in handy for testing IC's in vintage boards (esp when socketed). I could not find a Leaper-1A at a reasonable price, which was my first choice.

UPDATE: Totally flying blind here, seems like no one has any info on this. It was just put on the market in February. I just have to trust that the tech I spoke with knows what he's talking about. I will send an update after I get the unit and try it out.
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Jan 11, 2007
Pacific Northwest, USA
Well, basically all of them have pin drivers (just like an EPROM programmer) and the devil's in the software. In your case, it appears that the smarts are in a dedicated MCU.

I've played with a few of these and found them to be moderately useful. Don't expect one to diagnose uncommon or complex parts, such as 74LS462 or 74S225 or 74S481, Fairchild Macrologic, or a host of other ICs. If the thing can test DRAMs, so much the better.

What I didn't see was a listing of the ICs that the tester actually knows about.