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XMAS Riddle


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May 19, 2008
Highlandville, MO
Hi all,

We had our annual Christmas party at work Friday, and as usual, there were various prizes awarded to people in recognition of their unique skills. You know the stuff, singing carols, dancing, best imitation of a co-worker and of course the race to see who could solve the annual Christmas puzzle the fastest.

Anyway, the lucky Christmas puzzle solver this year is now the proud owner of, one of the very finest, emergency road hazard kits you've ever seen! Complete with fix-a-flat, fold out reflective hazard triangle and a battery powered flashing red beacon that doubles as a flashlight! Woo! Hoo!

We had a great time at the party with this and I thought some of the folks here might have some fun with it also, so I'll share...

Way To Go Santa!!!

On a cold and stormy Christmas Eve,
while making his yearly round.
Santa slammed into a Christmas tree.
His magic sled crashed unto the ground.

The story goes, this big problem arose,
and it was clearly Rudolph's fault.
He went shopping you see, for a new red nose,
and bought a cheap one at Walmart.

Sadly his nose, was not very bright,
and this left Santa blind.
It put a fast end, to their merry flight.
His nose was the "energy saving" kind.

Santa awoke dazed and confused,
lying in a pile of snow.
Even though he was battered and bruised,
It was almost midnight, one minute to go.

Looking inside his red tattered sack,
to find only three gifts remain.
No receipt, he can't take them back.
The gifts weigh exactly the same.

Now Santa can see a problem ahead.
We know he has never been late.
His sled is trashed and the reindeer are dead.
Christmas will not have this fate.

He knows his final stop is near,
his eyes are eagle keen.
Cookies and milk await him here,
across a huge cavern, his goal is seen.

Moving forward at the speed of light,
arriving at the cavern's ledge.
The depth of the cavern is a formidable sight,
connected only by a rope from edge to edge.

He has the skill to walk the rope just fine,
but there is a caution of large weight.
After carefully reading each and every line,
crossing could be Santa's big mistake.

Mean and lean at 300 pounds slim,
Mrs. Clause makes sure of that.
With all of the gifts, plus the weight of him,
it seems Santa may be a bit to fat.

The presents you see, all weigh 10 pounds each.
and according to the warning sign,
320 is the weight, that you can safely reach,
Before you will snap the line.

All presents in hand, with no time to spare,
and using his wit so quick.
He dashed across the line, with nary a care.
An amazing Santa trick.

How Santa performed this unheard feat,
is a mystery to us all.
Every boy and girl, got their Christmas treat,
into the cavern, he did not fall.

As puzzles go we are all very smart,
so this is the question I ask of you.
This poem was written from the heart.
Are you as clever as Santa too?




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Feb 7, 2006
in the basement
The suspense is unbearable :flamejumping:! Are you going to tell us the answer,
or you want me to use force ....:tank:

ziloo :biggrin:


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Oct 5, 2005
um.. I don't get it. I'd just carry two presents across, come back for the third..?

oh.. ok I think I get it.. took me a while though.


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May 19, 2008
Highlandville, MO
Ok, the official results are now in...

0001 - 12/14/08 - 12:37 pm - wmmullaney - SOLVED!!
0010 - 12/16/08 - 08:57 am - barythrin - SOLVED!!
0011 - xx/xx/xx - xx-xx xx - ?????
0100 - xx/xx/xx - xx-xx xx - ?????
0101 - xx/xx/xx - xx-xx xx - ?????
0110 - xx/xx/xx - xx-xx xx - ?????
0111 - xx/xx/xx - xx-xx xx - ?????
1000 - xx/xx/xx - xx-xx xx - ?????

Congratulations! You both have skillfully earned the hearty handshake, pat on the back and warm glow of victory award! Good Job! :thumbsup:

Terry Yager

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May 1, 2003
Saginaw, MI, USA 48601
But, what about a real solution? One that works within the limitations of Newtonian physics...

Ok, here's my solution:
Satan reaches into his crashed sled and retrieves a few of the helium balloons he always seems to have an abundance of, ties the load to them, and crosses the rope while the gifts are held aloft by the balloons, placing none of their mass onto the rotten hemp, and indeed, possibly even 'lightening' ol Nick himself by a small amount.



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Oct 20, 2006
Boston, MA
Ya, I guessed that across the bridge there was a -1 time-zone change, so he thusly had an hour and 1 minute to get there. So, he just took his time. I was wrong, but still.