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    Modern drive solution for a 286

    One replacement for early IDE drives is the Disk On Module. It's a solid state drive that's been designed to work as an IDE drive. Just plug it directly into an IDE port. A 504Mb module runs less than $20 on eBay.
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    XT motherboard in mini ATX case

    I have a spare Antec case c. 2000. That might work. :sneaky: ... I remember seeing those backplates on eBay at one point, but not for a while. Last I checked someone was still selling plastic mesh backplates so you can cut your own holes.
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    Getting Prodigy back online

    Occam's Razor is more accurately phrased as: If you have several possible hypothesis, the one with the fewest assumptions is preferable. It's not about complexity per se.
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    Texas Vintage Windows 1.03

    I was disappointed to find that it would only run Windows programs. I thought it would run DOS programs in windows. That didn't happen for several iterations of Windows.
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    XT motherboard in mini ATX case

    I thought the location holes might be different; wasn't sure how closely ATX followed the AT form factor. I expected to have limited slot access; not planning to max it is out. Video & ide/XT adapter, for sure.
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    XT motherboard in mini ATX case

    Silly question: how hard would it be to install an XT turbo clone motherboard into a micro ATX case? Yes, I would have to buy a power supply adapter, but since I don't plan on installing a -5 volt card, that's not an issue. I'm on very limited funds right now, have a spare micro ATX case, and...
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    Texas Vintage Windows 1.03

    I tried to, on a Compaq Portable w/640k & 2 floppies. Didn't work very well... 🙄
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    Midwest Everything must go

    Location Fairfield, Ohio 45014 Just received a notice from my landlord. I have to remove all the "trash" from my apartment in the next month. This includes all my vintage computers. If you live in the area, or know someone who does, bring a truck and it's yours. I would like to get something out...
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    Recommendations on ISA SVGA card?

    @32k colors your resolution will be limited; 800x600 at best.
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    Recommendations on ISA SVGA card?

    If memory serves my last ISA card was an ET3000 series. Accelerated Windows pretty well. By the late 90s I had a low-end (~90Mz AMD P5 equivalent) with PCI and was running a 2Mb Matrox Millennium. Very nice, quick 2d card, but limited to 800x600x256. I couldn't afford the 4Mb card at the time.
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    IBM PS/2 Floppy converter development

    IIRC Texelec offers an adapter. https://texelec.com/product/ibm-ps2-to-standard-floppy-adapter/
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    IBM XT Power Supply

    Or you can buy a new one on Amazon, or get an ATX/AT power supply adapter.
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    Does anyone know where I could get

    I've set an IBM EGA card (64k ram) to display CGA, and done the same with a Zenith card (256k ram) and they both functioned perfectly well. The Zenith card used the same dip switch settings, which IIRC are findable online.
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    Fire Sale - landlord decreed

    I've been putting this off, but it's time to put this up. Some of you may recall when I introduced myself 5 years ago that I mentioned I had suffered a stroke just before, and had been diagnosed with diabetes as well. Alas, I've been out of work since March 2010 due to Governor DeWine's shutdown...
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    need a power supply bracket; is it findable?

    A couple months ago I picked up a Corsair non-modular p/s & stuck it on the shelf for later. The past few weeks my old (2 core) desktop started flaking out, so I dragged out an old Antec ATX tower (aka Chieftec Dragon). It seems the Corsair p/s won't fit in the case; it seems to be missing the...