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    The South McDisk Drive

    Still looking!!!
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    The South McDisk Drive

    I am looking for McDisk E or G drives. These take a PCMCIA hard disk and have a SCSI interface. Must be in working condition. Thank you! Cheers, Al
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    Ampex SP-300

    I hope this isn't too far off topic but there has been a previous thread on digitizing NASA tapes so here goes. This recorder is 7-track and takes 1/2" tapes. I intend to use it to look at some NASA telemetry tapes. The problems are 2-fold. First I would really like to get hold of a manual (and...
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    54-15422-01 Panel Cab Kit for KDF11-B

    I am looking for the cable as pictured that goes between the Cab Kit Panel and the KDF11-B. Would also like documentation on the cab kit, can't seem to find it or the designation of the cable. Thank you for any help. Cheers, LSI11AL
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    Trying to create TU58 image

    Taking the following instructions from the TU58FS site I tried to create rt11v53.tu58. After booting dd0: I tried to exit but got message UCL-F-File not found SY:UCL.DAT. Consequently rt11v53.tu58 remains an empty file. What must I do to get this working properly? Thank you. Al Booting RT-11...
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    Dilog DQ419 Floppy Controller with Shugart 860 Floppy Drive on LSI-11/23+ system

    Using a 3M SS,SD diskette I did a low level format under ODT. Then running a TU58EM emulation of RT11v4 I did a format and an initialization. I got illegal directory messages after each step. Next wanting to see if I could read a diskette I obtained a 3 diskette set of an RT-11 V4.0 Autopch. I...
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    VT320 problems solved

    Replacing the driver and DUART ICs fixed the printer port but not the DEC423 port. With the terminal connected to the computer I discovered that if push the plug in and up (and hold it in place) it makes connection and the terminal works as it should. I then did some connectivity checks with...
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    VT320 problems

    Here are some clarifications on my connections between the VT320 and my 11/23+ system. The terminal only has DEC-423 connectors, no DB25. The attached documents show the pin assignments for the 6-pin DEC-423 connector, the cable used and the adapter to go from DEC-423 to DB25. The adapter then...
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    VT320 problems

    Now that I have my 11/23+ system running I wanted to try using a real DEC terminal. Connected a VT320 to the computer and all the boot up information appeared on the screen. However, when I went to respond the terminal is apparently not sending to the computer. I have the cable from the terminal...
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    Bootable RX01 diskettes with RT-11 and XXDP

    Good point cbscpe!!!! I now have a working system!!!!!!!! Thank you to everyone who offered help. Cheers, Al
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    Bootable RX01 diskettes with RT-11 and XXDP

    Yes, I would be delighted to get TU58EM running. Figures 1 and 2 show the computer monitor and the TU58 emulation respectively. This attempt was using a KDF11 and booting from a BDV11 board with updated KDF11B ROMs. Figures 2 and 3 show a current attempt this time using a KDF11B (of course no...
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    Bootable RX01 diskettes with RT-11 and XXDP

    Would greatly appreciate if anyone could provide me with these two diskettes. Still fumbling with my PDP 11/23 system. Thank you. Al
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    Need help with 11/23 system

    System consists of LSI 11/23 (M8186), MSV11 (M8059KF), DLV11-J (M8043), RQDX3AA (M7555), and BDV11. These are in what was a MicroVAX II box. Thanks to help on the forum I burned a set of 2716 EPROMs as KDF11-BJ ROMs. Using PUTR I created what I hoped would be a bootable RT-11 disk for the RX50...
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    EPROM Programmer Recommendations

    After some trials and tribulations I got the Willem Programmer hooked up to the parallel port of a computer. I then placed a 2716 (supposedly blank) eprom into the programmer socket and checked to see if the 2716 was indeed blank. Apparently none of them read as blank. They all read as shown in...
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    EPROM Programmer Recommendations

    I am ready to burn some new EPROMs (Intel 2716) for my bdv11 board. Never having done this before I am looking for recommendations on what programmer to purchase. Thank you! Al