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    Mid Atlantic TRS80 Model 3/4 Floppies

    Are there any CP/M disks in there labeled Holmes Engineering, or VID-80?
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    Writing Zorba disks on an x86 machine

    First of all, what floppy drive do you have on your x86 machine? 360K or 1.2MB? What drives on on the Zorba? What format are the IMD images? Are they 40-track or 80-track? You might have to change IMD settings depending on the image and your x86 drives. Zorbas typically came with 48-tpi (40...
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    Otrona Attache Mega Haul

    There are Otrona diskette images in Don Maslin's archive: http://www.retroarchive.org/maslin/disks/otrona/index.html
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    HP MPE/iX

    Which model 3000? There are many.
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    Osborne 1 Debug

    Every Osborne 1 (tan and brown) I've seen has the flat keyboard cable. The 1A (blue and tan) had the coiled cable. Osborne 1 Osborne 1A
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    Holmes Engineering VID-80

    Does anyone have the CP/M software for the Holmes Engineering VID-80 board for the Model III?
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    What are your favorite CP/M tools or utilities?

    You can find just about anything, here: http://cpmarchives.classiccmp.org/
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    What are your favorite CP/M tools or utilities?

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    Any Varian owners out there?

    The Large Scale Systems Museum in New Kensington, PA has a 620/L. I don't know if they have software.
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    Tandy 1400 LT Laptop with Charger

    Maybe that's why they sold so many DC adapter kits with removable tips?
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    Announcing New VDM-1 Reproduction

    You mean, this ribbon cable? :-)
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    Kaypro 10 and Kayplus ROM

    In an old thread (https://www.vcfed.org/forum/forum/ge...0-rom-question), I talked about some problems I had trying to get a Kayplus ROM working in an older Kaypro 10 ('83). I finally got back into the system. The Kaypro 10 had the 81-180 mainboard and the 81-302-C ROM. I installed the Kayplus...
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    6000HD floppy error

    I've looked through a bunch of 6000 and Xenix docs, and can't find this error. What does hard error BE10 indicate while trying to read a diskette? OS is Xenix 3.2. I suspect an alignment problem with this drive. It will format, read and write perfectly, but has problems reading disks written on...
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    Zenith S100 board

    I have a Zenith 4-port serial board, which I believe might be a Z-204 Multiport Input/Output board for the Z100. Can anyone verify or otherwise identify it? http://q7.neurotica.com/Zenith_front.jpg
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    Fulcrum Omniram 64K docs

    I have a Fulcrum Omniram 64K board which appears to be a newer revision than described by the available online docs (1.11 and 1.20). Does anyone have a manual for this revision? http://q7.neurotica.com/dscn7478.jpg