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    Sun VideoPix capture card, looking for drivers/libs.

    I have a sun VideoPix Sbus card, they were released in 1991. The software for it was supplied on a CDROM title “vfc-1.0”, if anybody has a copy, it would be awesome to upload it to archive.org I fear that is might be lost to history.
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    Sun SparcStation LX PSU Problems

    I found my LX PSU has blown. When I took the PSU apart I saw that a component had explode. I also found a bunch of leaking capacitors. I order and replaced all capacitors. Also the exploded component. Now when I power it on it squeaks and I hear a relay switching. Does anybody know where I can...
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    SUN NVRAM alternate battery clock chip

    I recently purhcased an Sun Ultra 5 workstaion, and it as expected had a dead NVRAM clock chip. The one in it is a ST M48T59Y-70PC1D, these are no longer available and cost of $50 from other sources (ebay, Sun recycle businesses). There is a hack where you grind down the chip expose the battery...
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    Sub thread for SUN's, SGI, etc

    I would like to see, if possible a genre dedicated to Sun computers.
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    Hello, I am a Sun / Digital Fan

    Before you say they don’t mix here is a little about me. ex software engineer, I have a few 90’s Sun Workstations, Dec terminals an a working DECpc I once worked on a system that had a DEC alpha server supplying movies on Demand, Network controller by a Sun Workstation, setup box built by...
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    Advice on how to repair vt320 transmit data

    I recently got a vt320, it is amber, and I have always wanted an amber. The problem is the serial communication receives, but does not transmits. The cable has been tested on a second vt320 (sadly this is white). I am no electronics expert, but I can solder. Any advice on where I should look...
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    DECpc XL 590

    I know this is not as hardcore as any PDP, does anybody have any experience with this model, DECpc XL 590. It does not post and does 2 1/2 beeps. It is a Pentium P90 MP, just got the 1 CPU in there. Memory is fine, tested in my 486 DEC pc. Hoping to get this Pc running and put UnixWare or NetBSD...