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5150 Success


Veteran Member
Feb 21, 2011
Eugene, OR
Today was a great day! The floppy drives I sent out for repair were delivered this afternoon, so after work I cracked open my dinosaur and replaced the drives. Actually, I now have an extra floppy drive in case I need it later. The NOS Tandon 360 DSDD 5 1/4" floppy drive I bought from Recycled Goods arrived a few days ago too. I actually installed that one as my primary boot drive, and one of the repaired drives manufactured by Mitsubishi is installed as my secondary drive.

There was an old Iomega Zip drive we found in storage, so that was also connected to the 5150's parallel port too. I'm planning on this being a temporary solution, because when the new revision of Hargle's XTIde is realeased, I'll be using it to access a CF card. The adapter will mount on the rear of the computer and have a CF card slot mounted in one of the expansion bays. That will also be a lot easier to move data from my primary PC to the 5150 as well. With small partitions set up on the CF card, I can load verious versions of DOS and boot to any partition I choose at the startup menu.

Since some games and programs were self booting, that will come in really handy!

So, my 5150 is fully restored and working perfectly thanks to a few friends I've met along the way. There will be more projects as I go forward, I'm sure, so until next time.

Here's wishing you all - Happiness in Geeksville!

Chat with you later.

Mike Chambers

Veteran Member
Sep 2, 2006
very cool! it will be nice once you actually get an XT-IDE card though. i don't know what i'd do without mine. i did the parallel ZIP drive thing for a while, but writing is SO slow on an 8088, athough read speeds are reasonable.