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Check out this site if you need to re-cap something vintage.


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Mar 26, 2009
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Working on fixing some vintage tech? Need to document it as you go? Want to make that documentation available for others to find and use if they need it? Re-capping the thing and want to share the list of caps you used to fix the thing? Well then this post is for you and you need to check out and sign up at https://caps.wiki and help out the community by creating or editing entries for your vintage devices.

From the creator:

I am starting a community driven, repair wiki called Caps Wiki and I want your help with it. It can be difficult to find useful information on repairing devices because it can be spread around in so many different places. Youtube videos, forums, mailing lists, and others that may not be indexed by search engines like discord servers. I want to create a central place for this information to be written and posted to by anyone so it can be found and used by everyone. So I decided to launch my own website. And yes, the XKCD standards comic should go here. But unlike the other services I mentioned, the Caps Wiki website is meant to be maintained as a knowledge database rather than a place for sharing project logs. I’m hoping this distinction shines through to make for a better experience. This is an ambitious undertaking that I will need help with, but you don't have to be an expert. I'm looking for anyone who has worked on their own electronics like computers, game consoles, stereo equipment, or anything else to just share what they know and hopefully what parts they bought to fix it. Getting detailed part lists out and available to everyone is my primary goal so it is easier for those with less diagnostic experience to repair their devices. I'm not selling parts kits, I'm not looking for donations, and I will never run ads on the site. This isn't about making money, I just want to make it easier for people to share device repair information and have it be useful.
- Shelby (aka @AkBKukU on here)

Note: VCFed is not affiliated with this site, we have nothing to do with it. I am merely posting it here since I think it has some value for the community and aligns with what we do here.
Nice notion, but seems a little early. Not a lot of data available yet...
I am not an ARC (Auto Re-Capper), but I want to add this link - that page is for Tandy machines and they identify the caps needed and sell a kit. They do have other caps and info. I have never (at least not yet) used them so this is NOT a personal endorsement, but my thinking is that this thread might be an easily discoverable place for the link.
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Nice notion, but seems a little early. Not a lot of data available yet...
Well yes, but it's also crowd sourced, so you are welcome to add data and things to it, which I highly encourage.

I am (very slowly) working on fixing an Apple Lisa, and I plan to actually upload a complete BOM for the various boards when I am done. So it can be more than just caps.