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Just bought my first car...


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Jan 3, 2006
Jackson, New Jersey
1995 Volvo 850 Turbo. Has every imaginable option, including leather seats, sunroof, and 10 CD changer. Has front and side airbags, ABS, and Traction Control. Nice and safe. Needs a $400 ABS ECM, but the tires are new, so thats one less $400 we have to worry about. Got it for $2500.
Nice! I paid $600 for my first car, which had all the options a 1983 car could. Sounds like you got a really cool car.
yeah, the ugliest cars in the world really aint too ugly
Wow, that looks awesome. I wish my current car was black, but I got stuck with dark blue. Cool lookin car.

Ah, you got yourself a tractor as your first car! Over here, some people who are not so impressed by Volvo call them tractors, much due to the strong traction on neutral gear position. You can almost go uphill without using the gas pedal.
Nice looker! Black is definitely that model's color. Interesting how some car models look better in one color than any other.

Some examples:

First generation Ford Taurus, black. Very futuristic at the time of introduction.

Last generation Chrysler LeBaron convertible, red with black top.

Any limousine, white or black (although most are).

My first car was the best deal I have ever gotten on a car. Purchased in 1967, one used 1957 Chev with "3 on the tree". It was $225, I had to back flush the radiator and buy a new battery. Lasted 18 months before throwing a rod. I was still in high school and money for car repairs was very scarce at the time. Oh ya, the junk dealer gave me $25 back as he was towing it away.

I know! That car would be worth alot if it was ever fixed up. I moved too many times to have kept the car.
Ugly but Beautiful

Ugly but Beautiful

This is a little off-topic, but speaking of Volvo...how about Volvo L3304!
Only three hundred and some odd number were ever made. Check out the
steering column sticking out on the front hood. Who could have ever thought of
using these in the battlefield? There are other photos of the interior and all
around for L3304 on the net. I love looking at these old military vehicles;
some european made military cars are absolutely beautiful.


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