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Looking for old Apple II game, need expert help

i am new user of this site so i want to know that i want to purchase mario gave can you provide this is than that will be gud for me.

Oh wow! wowowowowowowow! I am so happy to see this was found! =D

This has made my year!
lol damn dude, 2007 and today. Congrats on your return pceslayer! ;-) You a PC Engine/TurboGrafx console fan?
Dear Lord please someone tell me how to open that .dsk file with this game!?!?
I have been looking for this game forever, and now I find a link that supposedly has it...but when I click it to download, my computer doesn't know what program I need to use to open it.

PLEASE tell me what I need to do.
Much appreciated.
Alas...I figured out how to play the game by finding a downloadable program...but then I excitedly start the game, and realize that I was right...the game I played as a kid (and loved and dominated) was Bomber II, the sequel to the game in the link. :(

Bomber II has better graphics, and has flags that appear under certain buildings after you blow them up...and then allows you to turn the jet around so you can go back and blow up the flag...thus completing the level.

Thank you profusely for spending 7 years finding the game...but how about one of you find Bomber II now as well?!? I would think it is easier to find considering it must have come out later...I believe I played it around 1991 to 1995.
OMG YES! I found this thread back in 2007 when it was started and checked on it every so often over the years. The search is over! THANK YOU! Very emotionally day for me indeed. Bomber and Pac-Man were the reason I got into gaming. If it weren't for Bomber, I may not be enjoying GTA V right now lol AGAIN THANK YOU ALL!
Just popped in to say: Thank you VERY much for this! I played this game before I had even hit double-digits in age. The real kicker is that didn't even remember playing it until you guys started describing it, after which the memories began slowly rematerialize in my head. I downloaded it and, needless to say, I was astonished and overjoyed. Great job on uploading the image and keeping a 7-year-old dream alive!

After many hours, many searches, and many years, this mystery has come to an end. When the name of the first disk came out, I did some searching on my own and I found someone who not only knew how to crack the protection, but also dumped the disk! The disk provided is Mastery Arithmetic Games 3.0 which contains the Bomber game among others. I want to give a big thanks to LoGo for providing a dumped copy of this disk which can be found here:


Thank you so much! I am now able to relive this great part of my childhood from when I was in gradeschool! You, sir, are amazing!
Can anyone help me on how to use the .dsk file? I used to love that Bomber game and think my son would, too. I can use Windows 7, Windows 8, or Linux systems to do this. Thanks in advance and much thanks to the folks that found this gem and made it available.
I couldn't help but notice people are getting success here, and I too have a childhood A2 game that has been lost.
Title: Fish Scales
That link is the most complete record I've found. Perhaps someone has it? In an Australian Apple II magazine they did a one line review of it, so perhaps it's Australian only release?

It's mentioned in this document so maybe it's less rare than thought?
This thread has been very helpful.

When I was a child we had the full version of Math Facts Tracker (with Bomber II)--not the demo version. If anyone has been able to locate the disk image for that, please post!
For those looking, BOMBER II is located on the same website. This is the version where there are flags and you can turn around. It is part of Math Facts Tracker


Omg! I feel like I'm so close but so far still! How do I open that demo.dsk file!? I, like everyone else, have ALSO been searching for this game for years, and years,...and years. Please help! I have been on a million forums and have chased a thousands leads and this is the closest I've come. Help!
Just use an Apple 2 Emulator

Just use an Apple 2 Emulator

If you want to use the dsk file, use an apple 2 emulator. They can be found online like here: https://www.scullinsteel.com/apple2/. When it asks what you want to play, browse your computer files and point it to the dsk file which it will then run. Then enjoy reliving your past as I did :cool:!

Since I went searching....I finally found the game I was looking for. Path Tactics! Here is a link to a website that has online playable versions of all these games!



YOU ARE MY HERO!!!! I’ve been searching for the name of this game on-and-off for 3 decades. Looks like you posted this in 2009, and you haven’t been active since, but I created an account just to say a big THANK YOU from here in 2021!!