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Oldest games you know


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Jul 18, 2022
Hello folks. I was born in the 90s and I wonder what is the oldest game I can recall. Turns out it is Super Mario, also one of my favorites. What about you? Can you name the oldest game you’ve known?
Games? You gotta be more specific. I used to play doctor with the girl across the street. Does that count?

Skiball.. Pretty sure most of them were from the 1960s. I loved skiball

video games? Pong console of some sort. I spent alot of time in arcades so I cant tell you what the oldest cabinet I ever noticed was but I am sure it was some elecro mechanical type. As far as pure video games in an arcade.. hmm? Again, who knows but I remember space invaders cabinets from 1978. At home atari 2600 (not my home though, a friends)

The first arcade machines I saw were Asteroids, Centipede and Berzerk. (in a bowling alley - no dedicated arcades yet)
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Pong was the first ever video game I saw, but before that it was all electromechanical stuff like Periscope and Night bomber.

Anyone remember the 'shooting game' which consisted of an arm which moved with the 'gun' and had a small sharpened armature to puncture the target when you pulled the trigger. The target was then ejected for you to keep but you could see that the hole had been punched from the back :)

One of my favourites was Killer Shark from 1972. Amazing what you could do with some lights, mirrors and a disk of images.
There is a park here on the border of Connecticut and Massachusetts since years befored even I was a kid was called "Riverside Park" and it resides Along the Connecticut River which runs all the way from the NH Canada border down to the New York Long Island sound. This park was great with some amazing wooden coasters which were up until only a few years ago. Six Flags amusements has since bought it. Anyway, they used to have this game with a fixed Thompson gun which fired ball berrings at a piece of paper. IF you shot the start out of the paper withing 100 ball berrings you won a prize. I got pretty good at that.

They used to have a retired Disneyworld monorail which was pretty decepit in the 1980s with broken out windows, etc. Man I loved that place.
Well I remember trying to play ET on the Atari 2600 at my cousins house, but we had no idea how to play, and I was too young to read the manual, if we had one. They had pacman or ms pacman too. That was fun.

Years later when I got a PC clone, I played Psion Chess, and chess is thousands of years old, isn't it? I also played spacewar, and I think that's from the 1960s on a PDP-1, but I play the PC version.
Pac Man on those little cocktail like consoles were widely popular back in the 80's.
There is a Greek-Style Pizza house back in my hometown. Whenever my buddy from from D.C comes up to visit we make it there and they still have a Ms. Pac-Man cocktail cabinet working.. Good stuff. Something about a pizza shop and a cocktail cabinet with a grape soda just works.

I should start a random thread about how you cant get good pizza outside the "Pizza belt". Chicago pizza is not pizza.. its good,, but lets face it, its cacerole. California? No you cant get good pizza in california, the closest thing to pizza is "Round table Pizza" And its been years since I have had that so who knows. The worst pizza I ever had was in dusseldorf Germany. They had "California style pizza" And honestly thats like copying a turd.... California pizza in california is bad. in it might as well been prison food.
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There's a whole long dialogue in that video I linked on what makes a video game a video game, and a computer game definitely fits that definition. What makes a video game different from a "computer game", or do you mean something else? Would anyone argue that DOOM on the Sega Saturn is a video game, but DOOM for MS-DOS isn't? If you fit the definition specifically to anything on a console or arcade, oldest would be Baer's brown box, or the Spacewar! arcade.
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