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In this case the seller obviously does not live in the same world as the rest of us.

Has eBay gone crazy again, or is it just me?

i think you will always get some people who 'fish' with a high price, and hope that someone will bite eventually.

it only takes one person to bid on it.



i wonder if i could sell quarters on ebay, starting price $0.99 :)
But, this item has 12 bids (although it seems to be a bidding dual between two bidders).

I've got one of those old Psion hand-helds (normally valued at about ten buck$). I wonder if I could get a copy of this guy's ROM software, so mine will be worth 100 times as much too?

katey said:
In this case the seller obviously does not live in the same world as the rest of us.


The seller's sanity is not in question here, he/she started the bidding at ten dollar$. It's the bidders I'm worried about.

I got an ESP based decision maker that talks to spirits in order to come up with a decision lol.

I have Psion Revo Plus they are good machines....but I'd never pay that price lol.
I have Stock Trend Analysis software here for my TRS-80, but it's based on boring ol' variables like earnings, sales, estate settlements, property division new orders, war, strikes, etc, and employs multiple exponential smoothings of a four-place common logarithm of price (whatever that means). Doesn't even take into consideration the phase of the moon...

Sometimes I wonder if people are getting funds or grants that they have to spend on something to get new funds. Maybe a payout from the insurance company or something similar. It may sound baroque to you, but think of it as a dept's budget within a company. If less than the budgetted money was spent one year, mgmt may re-evaluate the needs and cut down that budget for next year.

I also wonder how many of those eBay auctions end up with the buyer never sends money or disappears for some reason. Most of the time it is rather "new" buyers who puts the highest bid in the odd auctions.
True that.
My g/f used to run a state-funded non-profit org, and there was usually a flurry of spending right around the end of each fiscal year, just to insure the next year's budget. (In that case, the goal was to be over budget in hope of getting an increase for the following year).