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Raining Computers and Losing the PC Chips Lottery


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Feb 25, 2005
Sparks, NV
Starting to get more stuff listed now. I have the Dell Dimension up for bids, I'm working on getting the Ready 9522 fixed up and maybe my 286....unless I decide to rehouse the second DX4-100 tower in the newer case and put a 386-something in the "Turbo" case I have it in now.

Yep, there's a second 486 desktop now, it's living in what looks like an early Antec case with the digital readout, turbo, and reset switches, and it has a Pc Chips M912 in it with 32MB of RAM, DX4-100 AMD CPU, and a 80GB HDD. It's connected to my TV and being used for playing DOS Games either over the lan, or when I feel like kicking back in the theater chairs.

The other case I got from a colleague had the notorious PC Chips M590 in it, that crappy "Super Socket 7" board touting to be "PC 100" when it's probably only PC66 at best. The board may or may not be POSTing, my analyzer card seems to say so though I get no readings or codes. This inspired me to break out the also "dead" M919 I have that seems to be stuck in a "reset" state. Maybe they need their firmware (re)-flashed....I dunno, not going to waste too much time on it ATM. Maybe I'll throw another 486 into that case, after all, that's my favorite era of PC.

I still may want to attempt to revive the Versa 40EC I bought for parts, but to do that I will also need a screen.....that means I'll now have five of those laptops (2 40ECs, P/75, M/75...technically two if you count the working motherboard, and a V/50 with some goofey issues). I have enough 486s among the lot + one Pentium and the two maybe soon 3 486 desktops to have quite a sizeable multiplayer LAN party, LOL.

And just as I was getting ready to record some candid #DOScember videos for youtube of me playing some DOS games, then Markipliar has to come around with another FNaF game, and now I'm wanting to play those again...jeezuz. Maybe I should work on finishing that DOS Version I was working on a few years ago in AGS.


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Jan 11, 2007
Pacific Northwest, USA
Not all PC Chips boards are terrible. I used an Amptron 8600D for NT 4 server testing just last month (booted from a CF). Worked just fine. PCI video card.