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What are the top 10 rarest vintage computer bits you own?


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Jul 4, 2007

I have a few vintage S-100 boards;

The harder are the Processor Technology boards for building an Altair 8800 SubSystemB;
I have the Processor Technology CUTS board (UnTested) and I'm looking for a GPM board and a 3P+S board complete a SubSystem B build.

Compupro VIASYN SPIO (Not Tested) (I wish I could find documentation to see if it works.)

These I want to trade off for stuff I need:
Vandenberg Data Products 16K Static RAM Tested Working
DynaByte 16K Static RAM Tested Working
IMSAI RAM-4A Rev2 Static RAM (Needs help)
Jade Computer Products Serial/Parallel Interrupt board (UnTested)
Compupro VIASYN SPIO (Not Tested) (I wish I could find documentation to see if it works.)
XITEX Dallaw SCT-100 Composite Video (Not Tested)
ITHICA Audio IA-1100 Composite Video (Not Tested)
2x ADS PROM Blasters (Not Tested)
TeleTek SBC-1 CPU board (Not Tested)
MITS 88-S4K (Bare Board)

I'd like to get ... in the order of importance:
Processor Technology GPM board
Processor Technology 3P+S board

Solid State Music SSM-IO4 board
CompuPro Vector Godbout RAM17 board
Solid State Music SSM-IO2 board

wperko at brainless org


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Jun 20, 2016
Shokan, New York
Most of what I have is not rare. But if I look at some of the oldest stuff I have, it's this:

NorthStar Advantage (Z80 CP/M)
Atari 800 Home Computer
Commodore 64 Home Computer
Tandy CoCo2 Color Computer
Apple IIe

Tandy 1000HD (8088)
Tandy 1400FD (8088/V20)
Packard Bell VX88 (8088/V20)
IBM 5162 XT-286 (80286)

I owned a NorthStar Horizon back in 1987 but I sold it. I wasn't collecting computers then and I was better at using the Advantage so I didn't need it. I wish I had kept it.



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Dec 8, 2012
Las Vegas NV
The rarest vintage computer I have is a TRS Model 1 Rom 1 with the original 4K of memory with Tandy Monitor aka TV Set. From around 1977 I believe. Has not been modified. You can type in programs for Rom 1 Basic or attach a Tape Drive and use it to load/store progames. Also have the original manuals. It was discovered in Ohio by a buyer/seller of Storage Lockers and had been there uncovered for several decades. It's in really good shape for its age.


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Feb 1, 2021
The Only thing I have that is Hard to find rare is my Complete in Box Windows 1.0 and My Redneck Rampage Deer Hunting from interplay.


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Jan 30, 2012
Connecticut, USA
Been following this post for a long time not sure if I ever posted. Who is to say what is rare? In my opinion these are my rare items in somwhat order of rarity:

A 1971 Wang 700 (only thing I own with core memory) with matching Wang modified selectric typewriter/printer
(just added) Cromemco System 1 with 512KB RAM and z80/68000 dual cpu board
An MAI BASIC 4 mini computer with portrait mode CRT terminal and wide format daisy wheel printer (MAI branded)
IBM 5110 Model 3
Fully functional Apple /// system (upgraded with APPLE III PLUS+ mainboard)
2 X 1977 Commodore PET 2001-8 systems with chiclet keyboards and 6550 RAM (one with a blue crt bezel one with black bezel)
Commodore model 8050 dual floppy drive
ACTRIX Matrix CP/M Luggable
two Apple IIc Plus systems
(related) a Zip chip 8000 (8mhz)and Zip chip 4000 (4mhz) 6502 architechture cpu accelerators
8 bit ISA 386 16mhz upgrade overdrive board with 2x 4mb ram upgrade daughter cards
TRS-80 model II
TRS-80 model 4D
Apple Lisa 2 (with working 5mb profile hard drive)
Macintosh 128K
Motorola and Daystar Macintosh clones
Working TRS-80 model 2000
Kaypro2000 laptop

Im sure I have more that I just cant remember but those are what spike my interest/memory
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Feb 3, 2017
Southeastern US
Fully working CMI-6426S with zero bad sectors, does that count? I also own a Seagate ST-406 (working with bad blocks) and a Cogito CG-912 (responding but bad surface 0), of which I've seen very few. I think the next thing would probably be my PowerBook G3 Kanga with the max 192MB of RAM.

I also have a bunch of weirdo expansion cards, like a Rockwell PCI internally bonded ISDN modem and some Ubiquiti military miniPCI wireless radios with wildly illegal transmit power ratings.
I have a 1959 Philco Predicta Debutante (Chassis 10U43), too, if that counts.

A lot of my things are one of a kind but utterly valueless!


Aug 31, 2011
Pittsburgh, PA
I completely understand the idea of something being unique but valueless - it's at least valuable to me! Here are some of my rarer boxes. I've tried to focus on the gear I have not seen in other collections:

1. Resilient 110 - a fault tolerant SPARC server with 3 Sparcstation 5 compatible workstations running in triplicate
2. nCube server, a massively parallel media server which previously ran an exhibit at Epcot Center
3. Clipper coprocessor board - essentially an Intergraph workstation on a card
4. SGI set top box - an SGI INDY packaged as a set top box with custom audio/visual hardware for doing streaming, part of a demo in Florida in the 1990s
5. Motorola VME/10 - early Motorola desktop computer using the VME bus
6. SGI Virtu VS100 - essentially a BOXX workstation in SGI clothes, pretty boring but uncommon
7. Cisco MSM - the mid-range C-bus router reconfigured as a terminal server
8. SiCortex SC072 - multiprocessor development system with 72 cores
9. Orion Multisystems - desktop cluster using Transmeta processors
10. Sherpa APA6670 control box - a custom built multibus computer made by IBM Research Division as a print server; mine came from CMU

Here are some more common but still cool items:
1. Xerox Daybreak workstation
2. SGI Prism
3. Sage II, runs p-System
4. Onxy C8002 (Z8000 based)
5. IBM PS/2 model 70 486