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Won a HP 100LX on eBay!


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Jun 19, 2003
Palm Coast, FL


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Thanks! I hope it truly is when it arrives! :)

I would like to collect the 95LX and 200LX as well. I lost a bid on a nice looking 95LX this past weekend, but I'll keep my eyes open.
I have a nice 95LX. I just need to learn Italian! All the keys are labeled in Italian. I have it sitting at a DOS prompt. Now I get to figure out how to get 1-2-3 running again.
Talk about shirt pocket computing power. Full DOS in a handheld is always to be desired. That certainly will never go out of date. I envy your 'win'. I tried a couple eBay auctions for the LX95, admittedly much less desireable than the 100 or 200.
I did snag my Toshiba Libretto CT50 off eBay, which is heavier and bigger, but has worked out nicely for me. But I can't stick it in my shirt pocket, like you can with that LX100 :)


It arrived yesterday afternoon.

It is in very good condition, the user's manual is a bit worn, but not terribly so. It came up and worked when I turned it on, but was warning the backup battery was low. It only took a minute to locate my spare CR-2032 I had laying around (don't we all?) and a couple of fresh "AA" batteries, and now it is working like a charm.

This is a sweet little computer! The screen is a tad small for my aging eyes, but it has a handy zoom feature which zooms the screen for easier reading. Oh, and it has a nice 80x25 MS-DOS window!
congrats! I have owned and enjoyed a 200LX for a few years.

I got it in mint condition, with all manuals, carrying case, 20mb flashcard (original HP) and connectivity pack from its original owner, who used to work for HP in Palo Alto... he even included the original order email, which showed the cost of each item at the time (employee pricing).

In my short list of vintage computers I will NEVER part with.
lol cool. A lot of employees when I worked at AMD in the late 90's had palmtops (I didn't but unlike the folks that were required to have one I was one of the few that wanted one).

If you read through the article (lots of great vintage systems are mentioned) and a quote from our own "Erik Klein of Vintage-Computer.com" :)

Nice system though. Will be interesting to see what all runs on it.
lol, was surfin around the bay looking at vintage computers and quickly realized I dreamt about your computer the other night lol. I remember checking it out and seeing what dos apps and games would run on it for compatability. Anyway, thought it was funny.

Got it for a good price too. I'm not sure if it really qualifies as "vintage", but it should be fun to play around with (and it actually made PC World's "The 25 Greatest PCs of All Time"):


(Images from the eBay auction I won):

Pep, ya know, if ya got an Epson PX-8, or a Tandy Model 100/102, NEC PC-8201a, etc... That little HP makes a purrrrrfect floppy disk replacement with the disk emulators out there for DOS! I've been hunting for a 200LX for a while, but 'usedhandhelds' keeps buying them all up. He buys them for $80-140, and sells them for $300!

Nice find indeed! I have its somewhat crippled older sister the 95lx and even with its limitations, its an awesome little machine. I'm hoping to grab a 100 or 200lx some day, maybe even the 1000cx, which is a lx with just straight dos.
I had acquired a 95LX some time ago having heard a lot of hoopla about it. After dong some prelmnary exploring I set it aside, unimpressed but without a manual or serial cable connector so no means to explore some of the software out there. Early this week I received a cable for it and a 3disk 100LX/200LX interface to PCs with manual from Terry Y. Altho the manual and programs were for the later LX there was considerable info on the 95LX. This spurred me to explore the 95LX more as well as to what I could find on the Inet. I became more impressed following some tips I got off the net and delving deeper into the 95LX.

I found that what I thought was a useless proprietary IR port could be used to connect to the IR port on any HP Omnibook includng my 4000C, and that the 512k SRAM card which had sat inaccessable in my Sharp PC3000 (DIP/Portfolio2) due to format problems was recognized and formatted by the 95. I also found how to get to the system prompt of DOS (Filer and then "S") which gave me access to such things as Chkdsk and even Debug. The 95LX user manual seems unfindable but I was able to download the manual for the 200LX which has much in common.

Some things in the 95 seem even superior like the CSV format of it's PIM files which was changed in the 100/200 models and it's calculater format (RPN ?) which calculater collecters seem endeared to. I've just downloaded a bunch of files from "the Palmtop Network"s S.U.P.E.R. archives" http://hp200lx.net/super95.html and will be pillaging the Funet HP palmtops archives later this week.

This has ressurected some of the enthusiasm that wrestling with modern MS$ hardware and software has been draining from me. I look forward to a sound program that has samples it runs thru the on-board speaker, especially the "Hal" and "laugh" samples. If they're any good I might even see if I can write a ".bat" to execute them when I turn on the 95LX.
Atari had a great "Hal" that I used to invoke when I turned on my ST. :^))

I've played with those sound programs. They're pretty impressive, makes you wish the LX had a magnetic speaker instead of a Piezo Disc speaker.