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    New to Apple II & Troubleshooting

    "I've opened it up and cleaned it and given the PSU a full recap." What was the behavior before you did a full recap?
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    Apple IIc constantly registering key presses

    I use an ultrasonic cleaner all the time to clean Apple parts and never had any item come out not working properly if it was working properly before the cleaning. Personally, I think the ultrasonic cleaner is much safer than an ordinary dishwasher. I have yet to see any Apple II component...
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    List of independent Apple II* dealers?

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    Whatever happened to apple.asimov.net?

    Whatever happened to apple.asimov.net? I've been trying to get on for the past several days, and no go.
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    I got a VersaWriter unit but have no documentation nor software for it. Been searching in vain online for the materials, so I thought I would ask the community here if anyone either has the documentation &/or software or know where I can get it. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Ken
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    ZIP Technology ZIP Drive

    I just received an Apple IIGS with a ZIP Technology ZIP Drive in it. This drive has a Conner CP2044PK hard drive which will not boot (although the drive spins and spins). I've been trying to find information about this device - software, user manual, etc. - and have turned up empty-handed so...
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    Documentation needed for Apple IIe Extended 80 Column Card/RGB

    I have an interesting (to me, at least!) card that I need documentation for. The card is marked "A//e Ext. 80 Col/RGB" and also have "(c) 1984 Video-7" printed on the front of the card, along with the part number 699-0221. I have not been able to find any documentation for this card. I did...
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    I just got purchased an apple iic from ebay... currently has ROM 255...

    Here's a small table summarizing the verisons of the Apple IIc that I put together for Apple2Online.com. [Click on the micro-image below...] Hope it helps. Ken
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    Apple2Online.com Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary

    On 01 April 2015, www.Apple2Online.com celebrates it’s 5 year anniversary online. During those 5 years, the site has had over 72,000 visitors, or an average of 14,400 visitors/year and that number continues to grow. A2OL has added 1,086 original high quality PDF files over it’s many file...
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    New at www.Apple2Online.com

    I'm pleased to announce a new library dedicated to the Penguin Software/Polarware catalog of games & utilities on www.Apple2Online.com. The library went online on 1-1-14. I've been working with Mark Pelczarski, founder of Penguin Software/Polarware, for several months now. We've managed to...
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    Acquired a ][...

    I recently acquired a small lot of Apple ][+ systems and, to my pleasant surprise, there was an Apple ][ in the lot, serial number 3884. There is a small article with photographs available on www.Apple2Online.com if anyone is interested in seeing it. Anyway... the system boots fine but there...
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    RetroConnector for the //c

    I posted a short review of my experience with the RetroConnector for the //c over in the A2OL forums: http://apple2online.com/smf/index.php?topic=93.msg381#msg381 (Hope I got that link correct....) This is a wonderful little board and is especially nice for use with a Raspberry Pi! Ken...
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    Penguin/Polarware Library new on A2OL

    I'm happy to announce that Apple2Online.com has just opened another library - this one dedicated to Penguin Software/Polarware titles. To start, we have about 20-some offerings and I am working with Mark Pelczarski, founder of Penguin Software, to locate the rest and get them uploaded to the...
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    Looking for an EDD+ Plus Card

    As some of you may already know, Neil Shapiro of CompuServe fame recently donated 400+ floppies to Apple2Online.com. I have been going through them to create .DSK archival copies to post on the system for everyone to enjoy. I went through about 200 floppies, and of those, I was only able to...
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    CFFA & CiderPress - I simply don't get it

    I sat down today to start work on getting some of the 485 disks that Neil Shapiro (of CompuServe fame) donated to A2OL this week. I have two CF cards - one 128 MB, the other 256 MB, that have been having serious problems in getting them to function on the CFFA3K. I'm hoping someone can give me...